RYCABZ.COM provides services for repairing your car at doorsteps

Have you ever got stuck? Stuck in the traffic jam, waiting in the middle of the road helpless with your damaged car? Now there’s an end to your wait as now a mechanic would join you in any part of your journey within 30 minutes of your call. This helping hand for your car is exclusively provided by Rycabz.com.


  • Rycabz.com provides services for repairing your car at doorsteps of your home or office. That means now you and a mechanic are just 30 minutes away.
  • Rycabz.com solves on-road problem seven days a week. No boundaries of time, you will be served anytime you require service.
  • Rycabz.com provides you with any/every type of service your car needs.
  • The prices you pay are 40 percent lower than that at the authorised service centres.


Ravi says, it was observed that cars usually require services on the go. That’s how the idea of Rycabz.com was established. It was also observed that the issues related to cars were very frequent.

They tried to establish a completely customer-oriented company that will provide each and every service car needs in terms of cost-effective service and reliability. Back in 2017 after completing their Engineering they worked on the idea of creating a firm known as Rycabz.com. The mission of Team Rycabz.com is to balance the gap between the authorized service centre and local garages. 

“Making car services reliable, convenient and hassle free.”

vision of Rycabz.com

“We somewhere knew that we could capitalise on customers as we were offering them the best of service at a low cost. We are offering the price 40 percent lower than that at the authorised service centres to the customers.” – Ravi Chauhan

The journey covered by the founders so far

Rycabz.com was initially started with the fund of 5,000 Rs. only. It worked on the idea of giving service for breakdown cars. Initially, Rycabz.com worked on the unique strategy of involving security guards who can inform about the broke down cars nearby.

Another struggle was to make the mechanics reach at destination soon within 30 minutes after receiving the call, it was managed later and showed amazing results. Initially, the team was supported by 3 members, all 3 members got behind the idea of Rycabz.com as soon as possible. They tried to establish a company which provides service as fast as delivering a pizza.

Ravi Chauhan, co founder of Rycabz.com talks about the problems of the car owners. He has worked on the idea of creating oneself. He said work until you don’t have to introduce yourself. He walked behind his dream of being an entrepreneur and establishing a company which made life easier for every car holder.

He is an effective communicator & team leader combined with flexible & detail-oriented attitude with an ability to interact effectively with people. Skilled in managing, motivating and leading team for successful business process. His strength is to turn ideas into work.

Team members

The acquired results were according to the wish, people who made this possible with Mr. Ravi Chauhan were the core team member of the company Mr. Viresh Singh and Mr. Ankur Pratap.

Ravi Chauhan believes more in execution and then dreaming. This is where the idea of Rycabz.com came into play, while he was observing people getting affected by broke down cars, he tried to establish a company that was completely customer-oriented, each and every service provided to customer according to their wish.

Ravi tells that one of his biggest learning till date was understanding the importance of having 10 loyal customers instead of 100 variable ones. At present, Rycabz.com services around 800+ cars every month.


The company expertise in providing vast no. of services your car needs to have. The company is completely bootstrapped. Mr. Ravi Chauhan is now planning to replicate it in the 28 major cities of Uttar Pradesh.

The dedication of chasing the dreams and winning them made this company one of the top start-up of the Lucknow. The company works on three special specifications that distinguish it from other company is:

  • It is a customer-oriented company.
  • Provides high-quality service.
  • When it comes to the team, the teamwork is visible.

The company provides superiority in maintenance including repair services, washing, vehicle insurance claims,  etc.

Recently Rycabz.Com has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Mr. Ravi Sadh, Founder & Director of V4U Group.

“The funds will be used for marketing, to strengthen current operations and for the expansion in the major cities of Uttar Pradesh.”

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