Stay updated with Startuparound everyday: Vyapaarjagat
Stay updated with Startuparound everyday: Vyapaarjagat

No one escapes from the clutches of struggle in their lifetime people. Everyone faces some kind of struggle in different domain and during different phases of their life. It can be about learning and education in school and colleges, it can be about job & employment, it can be physical, emotional or psychological. But eventually, we learn to deal with it and then find a solution at last. Our next story is somewhat similar and the struggle was technological! Sounds interesting?! Continue reading.

Mr. Daxeel Soni has completed in graduation in computer engineering. He believes that entrepreneurs, startup enablers and community initiators always start their morning with fresh news and updates from startup world. These people visit different sites, blogs and uses apps of different media companies and/or celebrity pages. He felt the need to devise an algorithm wherein instead of searching everything manually; the algorithm will find the relevant information all over the globe and deliver the most relevant content every 30 minutes! Waw, what an idea!! This will surely kick start my day.

Join the league of entrepreneurs & readers.

It took Daxeel mere a week to find the solution and this is how Startup Around was born!


Mr. Daxeel built a prototype of aggregator. Aggregator is kind of software or application which compares information from different websites, organizes them and presents them to user. It simplifies the tasks for user and give him/her insights. Mr. Daxeel built the prototype and he surely knew that it will work and it worked!

Mr. Daxeel’s startup analyzes popular content from global startup communities of different domain or subjects from different publishers and brings it under one roof.

“Startup Around is an intelligent, automated & algorithamically designed platform for Entrepreneurs. The content is being generated automatically from the internet after analyzing trends, social media and popularity to deliver you the finest content from the global startup community”

It sounds easy and cheesy but it isn’t. It is an interesting fact that Mr. Daxeel and team took no external funding. They started everything on their own! The team faced technical challenges to analyze thousands of content posted on internet; sort it based on trends, social media and buzz. They solved these hurdles with the help of technology and with their unique algorithm.

They use ‘Python’ language and ‘Flask’ which is a micro web framework written in Python. They use ‘Numpy’, ‘Pandas’ and ‘Spacy’ libraries of Python.


Within the first week of launch, Startup Around garnered the following-

  • 2200+ unique users
  • 4000+ pageviews
  • 85+ countries touchdown
  • 50,000+ impressions on twitter
  • 1000+ facebook engagements

Quite impressive, isn’t it? Did I told you about their achievement during their graduation?

“Mr. Daxeel and team built world’s first blockchain learning interface in college days which is used by University of California, Berkeley and it has 1300+ stars on github”

These guys are born stars, terrific!

“Impact the Indian startup eco-system and give a platform to Indian startups to the global market. Our 50% traffic is from US” – Daxeel on what is his larger goal


Startup Around is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The team has target audience comprising of startup enablers, entrepreneurs, investors, incubators and accelerators. The company generates revenue through Ads, Sponsored Content and Product Promotions.           

“We launched on Product Hunt and got ranked in top 5 product of the day 20th Oct, 2019 at #4” – Mr. Daxeel on Awards & Recognition so far

You can connect with Mr. Daxeel Soni through:

E-mail ID[email protected]

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