Digital Payments

Digital Payments in Rural India, A gradually Developing Story

Thanks to digital or cashless payments, gone are the days when we struggled to find change coins in our purses and pockets or argued with...
Eiliant Team

Eiliant Advisors bets big on its Lifecycle Growth Advisory business

Eiliant, a niche, full lifecycle growth advisory firm, announced today that it has signed up contracts for raising over USD 12 Million during H2, FY20...
Amit, Nitin, Viraj - Finnable

FINNABLE-Making India Financially able

Some phrases will always haunt us like, “money is not grown on trees”, “don’t break your friendship for money”. There is so much self respect in many...

Trading Advisor secured $36 Mn, which is a stock market advisory platform, has now secured USD 36 million from the EST group, which is a Switzerland based funding firm.

Accion Venture Lab revealed $23M inclusive fintech startup fund

Accion, which is non-profit microfinance institutions globally, has now revealed that its seed-stage investment initiative Accion Venture Lab is now adding around $33 Million to its initial capital pool, with the launch of a new $23 million fund, with additional funding of around $10 million from Accion.

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