Entrepreneur Excel

Team of EE goes the extra mile -“Entrepreneur Excel – Nexus”

Entrepreneur Excel Nexus 2.0 was all about going down the memory lane.. learning like a child, where no one is to judge your moves. You understand from your own strategy.. your own moves about your mindset on finance in a super fun loving full of learning way through India’s first financial board game. Members were invited at a playschool to play this game.. isn’t it exciting..!!?? They were amazed to learn about their Financial Mindset and how this mindset is becoming a barrier in their actual life to attain their Financial Freedom.
LinkedIn Local Mulund

LinkedIn Local Mulund witnessed Learning from experiences of successful people

Learning from experiences of successful people is a powerful way to grow. LinkedIn Local Mulund witnessed this powerful way of learning from experienced entrepreneurs. Developing...
LinkedIn local Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai Linkedin Local #ConnectingHumans

Navi Mumbai, the Satellite city of Maharashtra is a planned and fastest developing city close to Mumbai.
Sucharita Mukherjee india fintech award

Sucharita Mukherjee proclaimed “Woman Leader of the year” at India Fintech Awards 2018

Sucharita Mukherjee, co-founder of Kaleidofin was announced “Woman Leader of the year” at India Fintech Awards 2018 on Friday. Co-founded with Puneet Gupta, Kaleidofin is India’s first...
Raj PG and facebook clc

Raj PG’s Karke dekho acha lagta hai

With the help of Facebook group feature he is running a group called "Karke dekho acha lagta hai", the motive of this group is to serve and spread kindness without any expectations. There aren't any rules or checklist to join his group.

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