Garnett Studiovideo

Story of serendipity Garnett – A premium “Wedding Wear Design” store

Do you remember doing something for leisure, for fun without much aim but, you received unexpected boon or bounty in return? Well, it’s called serendipity...
bharti chandra founder UNNISHAA

How lower middle-class background Bharti Chandra Empowering Women Entrepreneurship

We help and empower only those, who want to live with respect and are ready to work hard for it. The company has a well-integrated structure of supporting Indian Handloom.
the ladies launge -power of appearance

Power of appearance and presentation, “The Ladies Lounge”

Keeping with the power of appearance and presentation, "The Ladies Lounge" is bringing to you, Women who are just like you and have acheived expertise in their own professions by following certain norms in their day to day life. We are bringing these professional women to speak to you on concerns of Fashion, Lifestyle, Jewellery, Watches, Make-Up and to the nuances of everyday style and all the aspects of making an impressive appearance.
Chal Kabira

Startup story of Rahul Panch’s CHAL KABIRA

One of the friends of Rahul was studying in India's premiere B school reached out to him asking for vendor suggestions who can take a group of students to Everest Base Camp. Rahul asked for 2 days time to find a good, economical service provider and unfortunately could not find any. Why?

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