Entrepreneur Excel Nexus 3.0
Entrepreneur Excel Nexus 3.0

Entrepreneur Excel Nexus 3.0 was a power packed event attended by 150 plus entrepreneurs to develop their skills, learn, network and to unleash the power of Telepathy.

Telepathy masterclass workshop

Telepathy masterclass workshop was conducted by Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal, she is an upcoming author of the book “Loose Your Mind, Not Your Skills – 8 distinctive ways for Telepathic Communication”, an international trainer and excellent mind reader who have trained over 2 lac people past 20 years. She shared her knowledge and experience about using telepathic technique to transfer thoughts. She highlighted on how power of thought helps creating new opportunities, strengthening and applying the power of thought.

Simran Deenz Ahuja hosted Nexus 3.0, her charisma is mesmerizing as always.It was an honor to have Archana Kochhar, Gurpreet Ghura, Dr Shweta Iyengar, Harin Sheth, Aruna Goyal and Basannt Rasiwasia as our Cheif Guest for the launch of Entrepreneur Excel CORE VALUES. Thank you everyone for your valuable presence.

We extend our Thanks to Aziz Pirani, Entrepreneur Excel team for their valuable contribution.

About Entrepreneur Excel

Entrepreneur Excel is a unique platform that embraces entrepreneurs from all the generations regardless of their gender, region, experience, industry and more. The fundamental objective of Entrepreneur Excel is to Bond, Learn and Empower with ultimate goal to LEAD. We have more than 1 lakh followers around the globe leaded by our community leaders in India, Canada, Sydney, Hongkong etc… We are also official moderator for Facebook Community Leadership Circle.

Entrepreneur Excel Nexus 2.0



  1. Getting to know so many professionals from varied fields at a personnel level. The contacts will always be of use for networking , getting ur work done or for tips on Business Development.

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