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Success story of Nutribud Foods founder: Shardul Patel

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“Nutribud Foods” is founded by parents with Love & Care. At Nutribud Foods, they know how important it is to take care of a nutritional meal for little ones. Therefore they brought back traditional recipe, crafted it carefully to make sure that the products are free from preservatives, artificial additives, sugar & salt. It is likable to buds and easy to cook.

Nutribud Foods is now a Startup India Recognized company.

Company Vision

To make a difference in India’s baby food industry by creating Healthy & Nourishing products for babies & also for mothers.

The company journey is quite exciting since Nutribud Foods is close to the Founder’s hearts. They know that Parenting is fun and a wonderful experience. However, it is not an easy task when it comes to weaning food for infants & toddlers. Founders, encounter challenges in trusting readily available weaning food for their baby, just like many other parents. Baby food available in the market had preservatives, additives & was high on sugar. That was the time they realized the need for better products that are safe & nutrient-rich. After extensive research, they decided to bring back traditional recipes & crafted products that are free from preservatives, additives, sugar, salt & milk solids.

They developed products from traditional recipes and got validation from the advisors and pediatricians. Validation & feedback was strong enough to move ahead for commercial food trails. There were challenges like partnering with a manufacturer for job work, raw material procurement, understanding regulations. The company had to invest a more than expected time in the whole process as a rookie to the industry, but the same kept them motivated to ensure that the end results are satisfactory.

About the Nutribud Foods co-founders

Shardul Patel – An entrepreneur who is curious & excited to bring a change in the baby food industry. Bootstrapped Nutribud Foods to develop a trusted brand in the market and moving ahead with patience & persistence. He makes sure that all the business functions run smoothly.

Riddhi Patel – She is a Nutritionist by qualification, A Bharatnatyam Scholar by passion, and a mother by the heart. Being a Nutritionist & mother, she knows the importance of Nutrients to a little one. Being a Co-founder of Nutribud Foods, she leverages her expertise in product development.

How the co-founders come up with the idea of this business?

They encounter challenges in trusting readily available weaning food, just like many other parents. Complimentary food available in the market had preservatives, additives & was high on sugar. They strongly believe that food with permitted preservatives & additives are not good for little ones. Also, the consumption of sugar is not good for infants and toddlers because the baby quickly develops a sweet tooth and may resist home-cooked food. Also, sugar does not add up to the baby’s health.

Toddlers become fussy eaters and resist to home-cooked food or food that is not matching their taste buds. They worked on such a problem area and started preparing nutritional baby food from a traditional recipe at home. Further, when they were discussing this with their friends and relatives, they found that not all are able to manage home-cooked food because of nuclear families, working mothers, or lack of knowledge. And that’s where the seed of the business took place, and Nutribud Foods was bootstrapped.

Products Nutribud Foods offers:

Currently, Nutribud Foods have launched five products in the market. And Founders love working on new products.

  • Sprouted Ragi & Cardamom Porridge Mix
  • Sprouted Ragi & Banana Porridge Mix
  • Raw Banana Powder
  • Sprotued Ragi, Almonds & Peanuts Drink Mix
  • Momma’s Tea – herbs infusion for lactating mothers

The business model of Nutribud Foods

It is B2C. They serve the clients directly, be it online or offline. Nutribud Foods is also engaged in B2B with similar or new products development.

When asked about the biggest competitors

Nutribud Foods does have competitors and they are striving best to differenciate by launching unique products that are natural, nutritional & lovable to taste buds.

What advice did Shardu Patel want to give to Young Entrepreneurs/Startups

Shardul Patel wants to share his learnings for budding entrepreneurs,

1) Overcome the fear of failures. Like success, failure is also a part of life, so accept it, and don’t be scared.

2) Don’t say that time is not right to start something new. Time is always right; it is just that the mind is not in the right state.

Contact Information

Business NameNutribud Foods
FoundersShardul Patel & Riddhi Patel
Sector/IndustryFood & Beverage
Founded (month/year)01/04/19
Parent OrganizationNutribud Foods Private Limited
Phone +91 9825465323 / +91 6354880594  
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