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Ishan Corporation – A venture by Jay Rajeshbhai Sharma 2021

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Born as a keen, sincere, and curious young child, Jay RajeshBhai Sharma achieved more incredible things in life. Among all the things he enjoyed in life, they inclined him towards renewable energy more than anything else. He knew that renewable energy was the only way forward, even at such a young and tender age. Right then, he knew for sure that renewable energy and sciences related to this field were his true calling. In 2021, Ishan Corporation operates on people’s demands for solar energy.

About renewable :

Back in the day, renewable energy was a subject. That could not be thought of in a country like India, where higher education was only at its earliest. Most of the stronger countries had only considered energy studies as a field for research and development. Eventually, the world’s superpowers started thinking of renewable energy. As an acceptable energy form in place of the commercial got energy from coal. As the other countries starting pouring in more capital and labor in this direction. Jay grew even more curious as in India; renewable energy was still a dream for many scientists.


As children of more developed countries learned about renewable energy in their textbooks at school in his growing years, Jay Sharma had to scramble around for knowledge from magazines, newspapers, and the radio. This was his only source of information in renewable energy and the only way he could have imagined knowing more about his passion. In India, the state of affairs only powered him to ace college studies with a B.E. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.


Once he could call himself an engineer, everything seemed crystal obvious right in front of his eyes. He knew the costs of setting up clean energy initiatives in a country like India. Even though it was the only thing that could lead our country ahead, the project was too big to handle with costs that could not be salvaged at any price.


journey of Ishan Corporation :


Ishan Corporation in 2021

However, on one fine day, Jay’s father took him to watch the movie Guru with him, which left a permanent mark on him. He knew immediately that the only way to reach the masses was to become a business executive and control the market. This would help him set up a system as advanced as clean technology. This is where the journey of Ishan Corporation began in the year 2018. The aim of this brand is to combine clean energy with technological solutions.


Even though the plan of incorporating cleaner means of energy instead of commercial power has been on hold because of the size of the project, Ishan Corporation has been on the rise with the help of their 12 employee team who work day in and day out to bring high quality eco-friendly technological products for one and all. Ishan Corporation operates to meet people’s demands in solar energy, EPC contracting, and Manufacturing. 


Their area of expertise reaches far beyond into workspaces like trading and liasoning work. However, eco-friendly technological solutions are their strong suit. If you are looking for answers regarding electricity and electronics. Jay Sharma and his colleagues at Ishan Corporation in 2021 will help you out more than what is necessary.


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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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