Sarojini Tatyasaheb Phadtare, gud2eat, Samruddhi Agro Group
Sarojini Tatyasaheb Phadtare, gud2eat, Samruddhi Agro Group

Samruddhi Agro Group is a well-established Pune, Maharashtra based organisation which has been serving Indian food sector since 2012. The company was formed by our great visionary, Mrs. Sarojini Tatyasaheb Phadtare with the motive to provide highly nutritional and easy to digest food items that are beneficial for everyone’s health. We are processing only nutritious and tasty food products such as Jowar Flakes Chiwada, Jowar Idly Mix, Jowar Multigrain Thalipeeth (Flour) and many more, that are available in the market under the brand- gud2eat.

Value addition, processing, marketing of agricultural crops is the main focus taken in mind. “Samruddhi Agro Group” for processing and collective marketing under great visionary of Mrs Sarojini Tatyasaheb Phadtare with having great experience of food processing industry. “Suryoday Krishi Prakriya Prakalpa Gat” and “Shriram Krishi Prakriya Prakalpa Gat” is formed by Ex. Vice chancellor of Dr. BSKKV Dapoli, Dr. Shankarrao Magar with the help of other 45 active farmers for value addition of surrounding agricultural produce. These groups are registered at Agri department, Govt. of Maharashtra. These farmers group take part in mission of Govt. of India “Nutrient security programme”.

Features which have contributed to our progress are listed as follows:

  • Experienced team of professionals
  • Well-furnished infrastructural facility
  • Total Quality Management
  • Complete client satisfaction
  • Ethical business policies
  • Competitive pricing
  • Immediate delivery

Business Venture

How did you come up with the idea of your business?

We know, Jowar Bajara and Ragi are traditional, nutritional healthy dry land crops which are slowly minimized in cultivate and production. These have limited option for making easy recipe. Now a days, Urban ladies have no time to cook healthy food in minimum time, so we brought easy recipe of Jowar Bajara and Ragi traditional food in modern style without changing any taste or without adding preservatives, chemicals and flavours.

What problems are your business solving?

Due to unavailability of gluten free food, slow releasing carbohydrates food, high fibre, fibre food may cause many lifestyle diseases. Also, as a question of time in urban family for eating healthy food in minimum time, we brought easy recipe of Jowar Bajara and Ragi. We brought Jowar flakes, so anyone can eat this roasted Jowar or Bajara flakes with milk by adding jaggery/sugar, dry fruits/fresh fruits. Also, we can make Jowar Upama or sweet shira by Jowar Rava. Also, from Jowar Idli or Ragi Idli or Ragi Dosa, we make easy south indian products by just adding soured curd. All these products are preserved naturally. No added any preservatives or colours in it.

Product Range

  • Bajara Flakes
  • Jowar Flakes
  • Jowar Flakes Chiwada
  • Jowar Idly Mix
  • Jowar Multigrain Thalipeeth (Flour)
  • Jowar Rava
  • Multigrain Dalia
  • Ragi Dosa Mix
  • Ragi Idli Mix
  • Ragi Rava
  • Sorghum (Jowar) Roasted Flakes
  • Sorghum Chiwada
  • Sorghum Flakes
  • Sorghum Idli Mix
  • Sorghum Multigrain Flour
  • Sorghum Rava

Products Best Known For

  • Longer shelf life
  • Delicious in taste
  • Highly nutritional
  • Easy to make & digest
  • Free from colours & preservatives
  • Made up of quality ingredients
  • Health conscious community now eat traditional tasty and nutritious food at any time. They get healthy snack, healthy food, gluten free food.

What is your target market?

Health conscious community, Gym, Cancer patients, Diabetics, celiac patients. Obesity persons, Anaemia and calcium deficiency patients. These are our customers but we have followed up this healthy product for our better health.

What best Marketing practices/tools that you always rely on the business development, marketing, and branding?

Taking Part in exhibition, road shows, sampling in functions, making awareness through Social media and news of millet benefits. also Sampling and making awareness for healthy products through lecture of customers.

Sarojini Tatyasaheb Phadtare

About the company culture

Our team consists of experts in the field of Nutrition, Agriculture, Food processing, Marketing as well as Agriculturists who follow good agriculture practices. Our main focus is towards healthy and strong India with the help of healthy lifestyle. Due to more care about our health-conscious community and customers, we are processing only healthy, nutritious and tasty products. We are planning to bringing out our traditional healthy products into modern style without changing nutrition and taste.


What is your larger goal or vision?

We have started expansion out of country, and now we just exported to Netherlands and Belgium.

We want to process of dryland crops so that ultimately, it’s much more increasing the rural economy of dryland farmers. We are trying to do more familiar of millet products for tomorrow better achievers.

Awards and Recognition

gud2eat Brand of “Samrudhhi Agro Group” has been awarded:

  • “Agrowon Smart Krushi Udyojak Purskar-2019” in April 2019 by Agrowon Sakal, Pune, India.
  • “Baliraja Sanman Puraskar 2017” in Dec 2017 BY News 18 Lokmat, M.S.
  • “Krushi Bhushan pusaskar” in Dec 2017 BY S. S. Jaju Smruti pratishtan, A.Nagar, M.S.
  • “Best Millet Start-up in Maharashtra state” in Feb 2017 BY IIMR, Govt of India, Hyderabad.
  • “Krishi Sanman Puraskar 2016” BY Doordarshan Sahyadri, Mumbai.
  • “Adarsha Udyojak Puraskar 2016” by Fruit & Vegetable Processing Association, Pune.
  • “Krishi Sanman Puraskar 2015” BY D Media roots, Pune.
  • “The Best Entrepreneur 2013” by Indian Institute of Millet Research, Govt Of India, Hyderabad, AP.

Message to New Entrepreneurs

What advice you want to give to Young Entrepreneurs & Startups?

Don’t feel to unhappy when you get negative response, you have to think NO means Next Opportunity. Continue efforts, and hardworking will give you success.

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