orbo.ai funding
orbo.ai funding

Orbo.ai, which is an Artificial Intelligence powered visual and imaging enhancement or computer vision startup today, has now secured $1.6 million in the funding round led by the Venture Catalysts and YourNest Ventures.

The funding round is a Pre-Series A which is saw participation from the industry veteran Vinod Dham and Jhon Ason(Jet.com) as well as the existing investor which includes the Refex Capital, said the announcement.

Orbo will now be going to use the new funds to ramp up its AI research efforts to remain a step ahead of the futuristic market demands and even further create a seamless and automated visual enhancements stack, it revealed.

Orbo, which is founded by the Manoj Shinde in the year 2015, it uses the deep learning-powered technology to improve imagery and provide enhanced resolutions for the pictures and videos on laptops, mobiles, or display vehicles.

Its solutions are used across the different industries, which include the retail, eCommerce, media, and entertainment.

We will be using the funds to provide superior technology solutions to our customers along with expediting our expansion and hiring plans across verticals such as R&D, engineering, product development, sales, and marketing.

Orbo.ai CEO Manoj Shinde

The firm is also in advanced automation trials with a high number of global brands, technology companies, and partners and hopes to announce around 3-6 deals in the e-commerce and display space said the announcement.

Girish Shivani, Executive Director & Fund Manager, YourNest Venture Capital said,

 “We are very happy to partner with Manoj and his team at Orbo, who have created core IP and proven that DeepTech companies from India can work successfully at the bleeding edge of technology to create world-class products. The visual enhancement platform continues to find applications across multiple domains and will only gain more traction going forward as 5G technologies come into play globally.”

Picture Credits: Inc42

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