Some of the global and Indian fin-tech angel investors who have infused undisclosed amount into the Recko, a Bangalore based reconciliation fin-tech startup.

While our initial customers are in India, our vision for Recko was always go global. Adding these amazing stalwarts on our side means Recko can reach out to for advice, product guidance, technology expertise, and connects to customers/investors and just good mentoring from time to time.

Saurya Prakash Sinha, CEO & Co-Founder, Recko

The company which is founded by the Saurya Prakash Singh, and Prashant Borde in the year 2017. Recko is a SaaS based reconciliation platform that helps the finance teams of commerce marketplaces as well as the transaction platforms to keep track of the complete transaction life-cycle and commercial contracts, to prevent pilferage.

Recko has built a SaaS based reconciliation product that keeps track of the complete transaction lifecycle and commercial contracts for organizations.

It automates the reconciliation and allows the data to be traced throughout the entire transaction lifecycle.

The platform also enables the finance teams to ingest, enrich multiple data sources, and reconcile millions of transactions in hours, instead of days, without writing a single line of code.

We rapidly see newer and newer use cases for Recko, around the world. We are thrilled to welcome marquee co-investors and have the opportunity to contribute further to Recko’s journey in a significant way.

Sanjay Swamy, Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners

The company, as of now is setting plans to enter the international markets which includes the US, in the coming six months.

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