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Dr. Ramit Singh Sambyal – Young and brilliant Emergency Medicine Specialist in Delhi

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A medical emergency can occur anytime, leaving the attending individual
wondering what to do next! But that is not the case with a doctor qualified with a
degree in Emergency Medicine. Once the patient is admitted to a hospital, the
emergency medicine specialist must stabilize the patient and initiate the recovery
process through suitable treatment.

Dr. Ramit Singh Sambyal, an emergency medicine specialist, states, ‘As an
emergency medicine specialist, I have to administer preliminary treatment and
correctly diagnose the health condition and propose the next level of treatment
for timely action.’

Only recently, he handled a case of a 66 YO lady suffering from an ischemic stroke. The patient was admitted with clenching of teeth and a history of vomiting. The attending family member also stated that she had left-sided weakness associated
with deviation of mouth to right side.

Dr. Ramit Singh administered the first round of emergency medicine for initial stabilization, and Non-Contrast Computed Tomography (NCCT) of the head and face was done, which was not conclusive. Upon discussion with a neurologist, the patient underwent an MRI Brain scan showing signs of Ischemic Stroke. The patient was then given suitable treatment, and she recovered quite well.

It is indeed a highly challenging task as an emergency medicine specialist to monitor and treat the patient who needs medical attention as promptly as possible. At times, the doctor should treat multiple patients too and simultaneously decide their next treatment protocol. At these times, every delay of a nanosecond could be a game-changer moment.

To treat patients

Emergency medicine doctors can treat patients across all walks of life and ages
with varying diseases such as orthopedic issues, renal issues, psychiatry, pulmonology, cardiac issues, pregnancy, GI issues, and so on. They can handle trauma patients, i.e., severely injured in an accident or experiencing a stroke or a heart attack.

In conversation with ClinicSpots, a healthcare portal, Dr. Ramit Singh states, ‘It is indeed a challenge to treat patients in the emergency department. I aim to strengthen India’s emergency services, take them to another level, and awareness among the general public about the importance of basic life support.

He specializes in airway management and handles all emergencies related to pediatric issues, gynecological disorders, obstetrics, ENT, ophthalmic, surgical, derma, trauma and disaster issues, neurology, nephrology, and cardiovascular disorders.

Dr. Ramit Singh Sambyal is also a practicing general physician in Delhi. He also treats patients suffering from viral fever, typhoid, cardiovascular problems, neurological issues, skin rashes, febrile seizure issues, and so on. He is exceptionally kind and warmly towards his patients.

As mentioned earlier, emergency medicine specialists are very much needed in India. They can save many lives by giving them suitable timely emergency treatment. So an emergency medicine specialist’s profile is an extensive one as it includes treating almost every disorder at any stage and relieving the patient from pain and discomfort. Because it is indeed very noble of Dr. Ramit Singh Sambyal to promote emergency medical treatment in India.

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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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