Introduction of Dr. Geetika Saluja -An Entrepreneur and an Academician

Dr. Geetika Saluja, a multi-facet person is a doctorate in Education. With her vast experience and understanding of curriculum designing inclusive of core academics, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship skills she strives to develop the connection between Academia and Industry.

She is Director of CassaGroup and is a co-creator of ‘BOHO Homes’. She heads the Varmora Groups Centre for Excellence. She is also the Head of External Affairs and Development at The Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar, a University for Innovation.

She has authored various research articles and has mentored students and educators for Young Master’s Program (YMP) of Lund University Sweden and UNESCO and also Young Leaders for Change (YLC). She has organized and is invited as speakers in various national and international conferences in the field of Education, Entrepreneurship, HR, and Management.

She invests her time in sensitizing for wearing helmets as pillion riders and safe pedestrian etiquettes. She personifies women empowerment and supports fellow women using social media tools like WhatsApp and FB group.

She invests her time in conducting Ride to Road to Safety and has sensitized about 20,000+ students and parents to date with respect to traffic safety and to wear a helmet while driving. She is in the true sense, an ‘A Change Agent through Education and Skill Development’.

Work & Vision

Dr. Geetika Saluja, a multi-facet person is a doctorate in Education. Ahmedabad is her ‘karmbhoomi’ and with her vast experience and understanding of curriculum designing inclusive of core academics, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship skills she strives to develop the connection between Academia and Industry of Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Beyond. She is recognized as the Power of Women by Times of India of Ahmedabad for strong Academia and Industry Connect and also by ‘Udgam Women Achiever’ as an entrepreneur.

She is Director of CassaGroup and is a co-creator of  ‘BOHO HOMES’ which has established its name as a trusted brand for home and garden furniture and architectural pieces which are an extension of one’s personality, style, and elegance.  Both her CassaGroup and BOHO homes envisage to be ethically led organization and manufacturing FSC certified products using environmentally friendly raw material and are designed to last.

She enjoys creation and Heads Varmora Groups Centre for Excellence. The Excellence Center is with the vision of empowering business drivers for personal excellence leading to professional excellence. She supports the Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar, An University for Innovation as Heads External Affairs and Development, connecting science and start-up enthusiast of various age groups with business and industry.

“I have taken permission from Mahatma Gandhi to add to his quote ‘Be the Change that you want to see’ and in the process, influence and inspire others”.

Challenges and Success

Her life is a web of interconnected multiple platforms adorning the hat of an academician, entrepreneur, life skill coach and researcher. Being a true Gemini, she looks forward to ‘What Next’; with a firm belief in, ‘Don’t Wait for Opportunity, Create One.’

She is always seen standing outside her comfort zone whether in work or personal life looking forward to sharpening her skill axe as if in this one life she has a lot learn and share. Her personality type does not allow her to confine herself in one domain of expertise. Her biggest challenge is her own introduction as educator/academician or as an entrepreneur who is armed with positive communication, keen observation and can connect with people of diverse fields and with various backgrounds.  

Creating a culture of honesty and loyalty is her greatest asset which has been a great strength to tide in the times when people didn’t understand her intentions in the right spirit. Taking care of her people in business or professional life has helped her to overcome times of sheer global recession or hustling in multiple roles with responsibilities. The recognition and love that she receives from the field of academia and entrepreneurship is witness to her acceptance of being now accepted as a person with a strong academia-industry connect.

She has received award and appreciation as:

  • Global Teacher Accreditation Award by the British Council.
  • ‘Best idea on How to incorporate Cooperative learning in the classroom?’ by Pasi Sahlberg – Director General of CIMO (Centre for International Mobility and Cooperation) at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland.
  • ‘Paryavaran Mitra teacher’ nomination by NCERT and CEE while under her leadership her school St Kabir was awarded ‘Paryavarn Mitra’ School 2015
  • ‘Create to Inspire Leadership’ award by Microsoft and CEE
  • ‘Wipro Earthman Award’ by Wipro and CEE And many more
  • Udgam Women Achievers Award as entrepreneur 2019
  • Times of India, Power Women of Ahmedabad 2019, Entrepreneur for connecting Academia with Industry
  • Speaker, Moderator in World Education Summit 2018, 19

Through every victory and every setback, she has very graciously converted her weakness of being a multi-potential person, who is good at many things into her biggest advantage and looks forward to the world to understand them.

Work-Life Balance

Her work-life balance mantra is very straight forward. She prefers to plan her professional commitments a few days in advance with some scope of including opportunities that strike at the last moment worth capturing and excelling. Her smart working method makes her people’s person. She manages well to live in the moment with a particular personal and professional role and see how her other roles also align with it and how she can give an advantage of a particular platform to all. For her to prioritize her work, family, friends, social gathering, events and conferences are situational based and the quality and quantity of her contribution requirement.  Once committed to a cause she ensures to deliver her best and inspire her team to give the same to success.

Being recognized as a multi-potential person, she is accepted by all as an extrovert personality. Those who know her true self, witness her spending time in her home which is surrounded by lush greenery, birds and her dotting pet dog Laika. She loves to read books that help her to increase her understanding of her ecosystem and life within it.

Success Mantra: Spread the wings, Cross the oceans with a smile, while remaining rooted in our culture and ethos. India is a land of diversity and so are we Indians, tuned to contribute at multiple positions and platforms.

Message to Fellow Startups/New Entrepreneurs

Nothing is impossible, No idea is small; the novelty of idea lies in the execution and the value as an entrepreneur that you add to it.

I am very happy to see youngsters entering into start-ups and want to become entrepreneurs. I want them to answer two questions – “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” and “WHY YOU ARE DOING?” When your “WHAT and “WHY” is clear, your “HOW” will automatically come in place. You will get people on your journey to help you out with it! The “HOW’ part will depend on the depth of expression of the understanding of your “WHY” part and the “WHAT” part. Take some time to analyze and introspect on “What am I doing?” and “Why I am doing a particular thing/action?”

Understand your own personality type and align your plan of success as per your personality type. Work on coming out of your comfort zone. There are two fronts which one must check – one’s passion/interest and one’s skill-set. There are many instances where one wants to do certain ventures or has an inclination towards some work, sector, field or occupation. But, s/he doesn’t have the necessary skill-set, expertise, knowledge or training. Invest time in new learning. Remember, no one is going to invest in you unless you start investing in yourself. All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners, looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they’re not learning they’re not growing and not moving toward excellence. Find a good mentor with whom you can deliberate with new insights.

Detach yourself from all the distractions in your life. Prioritize your goals and activities – daily, weekly and monthly. Check what resources you have and what you don’t have to achieve your goals and activities. Find “What More” you need to achieve those goals.

Make yourself a better version of yourself every day. Periodical and regular SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat) analysis will help you to keep on track and rework on the plan using your Strength to overcome your Weaknesses, Using your Opportunities to overcome your Threats. A strong and realistic SWOT analysis is the best possible preparation for success in life.

Always remember to take care of your employees, make them accountable, and create a culture of entrepreneur ownership within entrepreneurship. Take pride in being Indian and Make in India.

So, think about “WHAT I AM DOING” and “WHY I AM DOING” and then just Leap, and the Net will Appear.

Dr. Geetika Saluja

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