Bangalore based Software as a Service Startup Vymo has now revealed a fresh funding round of $18 Million in the Series B with the investment being led by the Emergence Capital, an enterprise cloud VC. Some of the existing investors Sequoia Capital also participated.

The company revealed that the fresh funding would help to launch with headquarters in New York. The funds will also be going to be used to expand into the global markets.

Before this, Vymo has secured $3 Million till today’s date.

The company which is founded in the year 2013 by the Venkat and Yamini. Vymo is a personal assistant app for enterprise sales/service teams. It automatically captures data of sales activities, learns from the best sales representative in the organization, and even suggests the next best actions contextually. Vymo even eliminates the most annual reporting of data into the CRM system, which enables the managers to make coaching interventions at the moment, and even helps the leaders to plan their business with data driven insights.

“When it comes to evaluating SaaS investment opportunities, the focus is often on lagging indicators such as churn and revenue growth. But the characteristic our most iconic companies have in common at the time of our investment is a passionate group of highly engaged customers,” said Jake Saper, Partner with Emergence Capital.

Picture credits: Vymo

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