Smartup Ahmedabad
Smartup Ahmedabad

Kem Chho Amdavad!!

SMARTup invites the SMARTest Business Owners in India to make the SMART choice!

What is SMARTup?

SMARTup is a series of round table knowledge sharing and networking events being organized by ah! Ventures & as part of their endeavour to connect the start up fraternity and create valuable business centric conversations between domain specialists and entrepreneurs.

The focus of these events would be to deal with issues and problems that plague young companies and divert their focus from their core competences and business. Issues such as business planning and strategy development, aligning immediate and long term goals, generating investor interest, scaling a business, managing cash flows, building sticky relationships & customer loyalty, getting paying customers, regulations, compliance, understanding term sheets, understanding how to go about building your tech as a non-techie without a tech co-founder, sales and marketing processes, how to focus on and enhance the logic of business, what is the role of IoT in business, when do you need AI and what does Ai mean beyond chatbots for your business etc. will all be amongst the critical topics that would be covered under the series.

SMARTup is a focused and enriched networking and knowledge sharing experience that will bring tremendous value to entrepreneurs and young businesses. Each SMARTup event shall have limited seating.

Book your 1-on-1 time with some of India’s best business boosters on March 24 at Saffron Towers, Amdavad.

Early registrations get their pick of meetings & investors.

Limited Early Bird Registrations at 50% Discount. Use Code VYAPAAR50.

During the event Mr. Sumit Karanji, Jatin Chaudhary, Dhruv Gupta, Himanshu Chudasama, Mukesh Malik, Amitabh Sinha, Meenal Sinha, Abhijeet Kumar, Harshad Lahoti will remain present and it will be an opportunity for startups to meet and interact with these mentors.

The event will be presented by Ah! Ventures and powered by, as well as pronto infotech as technology partner, Start N Excel as organizing partner, eChai as Ecosystem Partner

Mr. Abhijeet Kumar mentioned that they are coming up with more similar events in Mumbai, Pune, NOIDA, Gurugram, Bengaluru & Kerala.



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