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Highbar Technocrat rolls out trend-setting IoT solution

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The industry-leading IoT solution has been specifically tailored and augmented for construction and infrastructure segment to avoid expensive equipment replacements, enable optimal utilization of capital assets and meet strict project deadlines~

New Delhi, November 29, 2019: Highbar Technocrat Limited, a leading global end-to-end Information Technology (IT) solutions provider for the infrastructure and construction industry has unveiled yet another cutting edge offering in the form of optimised IoT(Internet of Things) solution for construction asset management.

Since the construction industry involves the usage of a wide variety of equipment, ranging from colossal engineering vehicles to portable drills and other building equipment, keeping a track of asset utilization and performance across construction sites comes as a daunting task for most industry players.

The solution addresses key business challenges of the construction industry concerning asset tracking management including:

  • Inflated reporting of working hours and distance (Kms)
  • Lack of real-time movement tracking 
  • Absence of historical data related to movement
  • Fuel pilferages
  • Unknown driving behaviour
  • No knowledge of equipment movement outside the construction site premises
  • Workplace safety

Highbar’s IoT solution features real-time tracking of construction equipment including fuel consumption, end-to-end historical data and much more, for improved utilization and health tracking of expensive equipment.

‘’The avant-garde, robust IoT solution has been tailored, considering real case scenarios in the construction industry when it comes to evaluating the health and implementation status of equipment to make pre-emptive course corrections. The solution enables the construction and infrastructure industry to not only save significantly on their operational expenditures but also leverage a competitive advantage with enhanced productivity, workforce safety and business agility,’’ said Ashok Wani – Head Innovation and Technology, Highbar Technocrat.

The key features of Highbar Technocrat’s IoT solution include:

  • Real-time location and other performance parameter tracking
  • Geofencing- defining specific vehicle travel zone
  • Replay vehicle location history
  • Trip management and reports
  • Centralized cloud storage
  • Alerts and notifications for over speeding, violating geofencing etc.
  • Mobile APP access
  • SD card for offline data storage
  • Power backup provision
  • Optional Wifi and Bluetooth connection
  • Empower the operations team with time-series data to establish standards, norms and benchmarks

Location-based remote monitoring systems also enable construction players to manage asset movement in real-time and reassign them to nearby sites, lowering transportation costs and enhancing the efficiency of revenue-generating assets. Ensuring a geofence around a group of compressors and other expensive equipment prone to theft also creates an automated recovery mechanism to retrieve stolen assets or when equipment is sent to the wrong locations.

About Highbar Technocrat Limited

Highbar’s portfolio of enterprise business solutions, line of business IT solutions and process consulting is aimed at increasing efficiencies for the infrastructure industry. The company has demonstrated expertise in the private, public and government sectors covering roads, ports, real estate, airports, railways, irrigation, water supply, as well as urban and industrial infrastructure like telecom, manufacturing and mining sectors.

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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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