Me to Mommee Book by Aarti Bhatia - Vyapaarjagat
Me to Mommee Book by Aarti Bhatia - Vyapaarjagat


An incredibly complex journey that changes the lives of everyone involved. The journey of a woman as she becomes a mother is truly special to watch. The growing bond between the mother and her children is an incredible experience. It is a magical journey full of twists and surprises, happiness and frustration. Being responsible for a life and seeing it grow right in front of your eyes is one of the most surreal feelings of the world. So, come along for this ride. Watch as Aarti narrates her feelings while raising her child. These are windows of experiences that mothers will instantly recognize as their own. For everyone else, these are experiences that offer a compassionate view to this beautifully complex journey.

About Author: Aarti Bhatia is an MBA post-graduate, an artist by hobby, an orator by passion, and a writer by destiny. It was during one low night of postpartum blues that she started to write her feelings down. When she did so, she stumbled across layers & layers of unexplored feelings of love! She decided then & there, that motherhood stood for more that the few lows that she was dwelling in relentlessly. This book is her attempt to bind these emotions together in the form of a memoir for everyone to cherish. It is nothing short of your own motherly feelings.

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