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­SnarWeb – The real story of Trying and Winning

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SnarWeb: The life of the majority of Indian students revolves around good marks, good rank, good school, good college, and finally a great job. Till class 10th in 2016, I was also the part of the same herd, studying hard and getting good marks was my prime goal without knowing. What I want and what I will do with all this in my life. Well, I passed my high school with good marks and I got a gap of a few months before starting the journey of class 11th.

Those few months changed my mind, I wanted to do something else, wanted to do better but I didn’t know how to do it. Well, I was brainstorming about all this but those few months were not enough. And class 11th started, busy with my daily schedule the whole day, I found time at nights and went on to start STUDYKEEDA, it is a blog website (I call it my first startup as it was my first step in the world of startups).

Now, here the idea was that we’ll provide tips for studying by the toppers of that field. Like, some class 10th topper will tell how to score good marks in class 10th. It was like “Tips from the Topper”. That went on till class 12th and I was accompanied by one of my good friend since class 9th, her name was Ritika. We both together made Studykeeda a hit which had around a thousand visitors daily. We wanted more, it was May 2018 and now it was also the time to be admitted in college.

Fortunately, we got into the same college. I loved coding and thus chose CSE branch and she being interested in Semi-conductors and communication took ECE. Being together, this time we wanted a bigger blast.

It was November 2018, I remember when we together came with the idea of starting an online tourist guide which was named as ‘TOUIDE’. We worked on the idea and now we wanted to have a great app to implement our idea, we didn’t know anything about app or web development, as we were working with our savings only (A few thousand rupees) so we couldn’t afford an app developer. We decided to learn web and android development. I started learning Python, and she started learning front-end. But as time passed we saw difficulties in developing such a great app/website and with no proper financial plan for our idea, we shut it down even before actually launching. I got to know how difficult it is for startups to develop their own custom app or website. In March 2019, we shut down TOUIDE.


This was not the end of our journey, it was just the starting. We again got self motivated and came up with AutoPickIns.


AutoPickIns started with a survey which we held in our college, as summer break was arriving we had a survey if the students needed an auto service right from the hostel to carry their luggage along with them. Around 50 students participated in the survey and everyone said that they needed this. Happy from the result we contacted E-Rickshaws, CNG Autos and pick-up vehicles. Within 20 days, we served more than 200 students. And decided to stay at our hostel during the vacation to keep serving. The most important part of all this journey was the constant support from our families. And we’ll remain indebted to them always.

With the profits we earned, we got our posters printed, pasted banners in college corridors, markets everywhere we could reach and think off. We contacted more auto drivers, our customers increased but during this expansion our losses also increased. After some time our losses increased to a reasonable number and we decided that we’ll have to close this now.

AutoPickIns stood for Autos Pickups Instantly, it was very close to us. Because it was our second successful startup other than Studykeeda and we could feel the pain while shutting AutoPickIns.

About SnarWeb

It was September 2019, one of my relative who had a home décor store asked me if I could develop an E-commerce website. Knowing nothing about e-commerce websites. I just said yes as I was doing nothing other than studies and decided to develop it. I used an online builder to develop the website and website worked well. It was the time to start another startup, we named it SnarWeb where SNAR stands for Satya(my father’s name), Nivedita(my mother’s name), Adarsh and Alkesh(me and my brother) and Ritika(our co-founder).

I love the SnarWeb name now also and we hired a few employees and started working. We got our second project in November 2019; I used to stay awake till 4 AM in morning during my end semester exams helping develop websites, coordinating with my team. I studied almost nothing for my end sem exams. And had a bad result of course but I was happier as we got new projects. We made different teams for different tasks, like separate team for web development, android development, graphic designing, logo designing and animation.

In February 2020, we launched SnarCoachings where we started a web development course. I faced a lot of criticism for this in my college. Students used to talk that now they will teach us. But they don’t know anything and even more, but we kept on moving, we hired a new team to teach web development. And in the very first batch we taught 16+ students. 95%+ students told that they have understood web development. And now they can make websites on their own, what more we need than such great reviews.


Now as of May 2020 we are in 2nd year of our B.Tech course. SnarWeb is running successfully with more than 1 Lakh INR of monthly revenue within 2-3 months. SnarCoachings on the other hand has completed its first batch with a revenue of around 1 Lakh INR. We have separate teams for SnarWeb and SnarCoachings, both of these are already profitable and are leaping manifold each day. We also planned to launch SnarRestaurants near our coaching location. But due to this unprecedented lockdown we are late in doing. But we have already cleared all the formalities and we will be launching SnarRestaurants as soon as lockdown is over.

Some people may think, how we can jump into food business just after educating but I believe heavily in automation. I want things should go on with or without me and all of our existing teams work on this principle. This gives us more time to plan for our next moves and also helps us keep diversifying.

Remember for our second startup TOUIDE, making website and app was the most difficult task. And now we’re into the business of developing them.

If you have read my story you’ll get to know only one thing “KEEP TRYING AND YOU’LL WIN”.

We still have a long way to go but we’ll always keep trying and reach even higher.

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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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