1. Studies show that BRAIN will start to slow down as early as the age of 30. Even when aging you can still develop new cells and its development can be affected by environmental influence and stimuli.
  2. BRAIN games are also considered as memory vitamins since they can really improve memory and increase processing speed.
  3. By playing BRAIN games you will be able to think as well as process information faster. Games like this require memorization of sequences and object.
  4. Exposing our BRAINS to activities helps us to be more adept to memory tasks like remembering important events and even remembering where you have placed the keys. These are very important especially when you are growing old.
  5. BRAIN games also act as “memory supplements” as it helps in improving your concentration and focus. The more you play , the better you will do in the game.
  6. BRAIN games also use numerous fine motor skills. This correlates how the fingers will react to what the eyes can see. This improves peripheral vision.
  7. Word and puzzle BRAIN games help strengthen language skills. This allows you to recognize the correct formation, spelling and context in which words are used.
  8. BRAIN games are also good mood changers. It can remove the stress that comes along with a hard day work.
  9. Having your family company will make BRAIN games more fun and enjoyable while at the same time reap benefits which come along with it.
  10. BRAIN games are easy way to socialize as you can keep in touch with your network of friends, relatives and associates.
  11. Creating an hobby of playing BRAIN games, is more flexible and cheap as compared to other types of events or investing in club membership.
  12. Playing different BRAIN games, helps in processing data speedily and for longer duration of time.
  13. BRAIN games helps in better reasoning and planning skills as you tend to play with open mindset.
  14. Playing BRAIN games with both hands and use of brains can help increase Multi-tasking abilities.
  15. Finally whether you win or lose in BRAIN games, you will get positive sense of your well-being during or even after playing.

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