Jumboo Toys in India Founder
Jumboo Toys in India Founder

Jumboo makes growing fun for kids

Jumboo -Growing is fun
Jumboo -Growing is fun

Jumboo Toys is one of the leading Toy manufacturing company based out of Ahmedabad started with a vision to deliver high quality DIY toys for the young kids who are stuck to modern devices and no more get busy with playing or getting involved in brain twisters or active games. We bring interesting DIY toys for kids that keep them involved and engaged for hours and make them feel proud once they have made the toys. We are the first company under Art & Craft Category where they make the toys and then play with it.

How did you come up with the idea of your business?

Coming from an IT background it was always hard to get involved in what I loved to do but after becoming a father I turned my hobbies and activities into spending time with my kid and making toys for her. Friends and family visiting us got interested and asked me to make them as products so other kids can enjoy with the toys I was creating.

Tell us more about your team and uniqueness of Human Resource Management culture.

Its just a 2 people team I design the toys myself during weekends and initiate the ideas have another team mate who helps in the production process and follows the direction to get the final version of the toys.

What problems are your business solving?

Toy industry is worth 400 million US dollars in India but lack of innovation, creativity and on top quality of toys have not helped us grow into exports and take our toys to the world. 90% of the toys are imported and rebranded by Indian manufacturers and sell them at low price compromising quality of the toys which are many a times harmful for young kids. We are currently catering Art and Craft category which is a niche and helps kids to get involved and engaged in brilliant activity toys where they are no more glued to electronic device and get active making those toys.

What is your Success Story?

We are the only 100% Indian manufacturing company who is 100% into exports and within the first year of starting to manufacture we have sent out 6 full size containers each filled with over 30000 boxes in each container to countries like South Africa, United Kingdom and European countries and expanding our reach.

Only Indian Toy Manufacturing company whose registration was expected by ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) which is one of the largest Toy Association of United States.

What is your business dream?

We want to expand our range into other categories and start selling across the globe and have more than 100 products to sell.

What is your target market?

We are currently focused on International market only.

How much time did it take you from conceptualization of your business to actually launching it in the market?

It took just a month.
Jumboo Toys India
Jumboo Toys India

How do you plan to market your product? What are your customer acquisition strategies?

We appoint international distribution channel and expand our business and horizon.

What do you want to achieve from this? What is your larger goal or vision?

To be one of the leading manufacturers of toys selling to the world but everything produced from India and proving the world yes we can make it too.

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