Konect Health
Konect Health

Konect Health: Life sciences transitioning from Art to science to an IT

Conceptually over time, life sciences are transitioning from being an art to a science to an information technology which is like people started google to get medical advice-Dr Jinesh Shah.

Increasing number of individuals and patients with chronic health problems want to use technology to track their health data (PGHD-Patient Generated Health Data). Sharing of individual’s health data with doctors can improve upon their health goals and quality of life.

Improving the availability of reliable & relevant health information via social media allows individuals to take ownership of their health, partner with their doctors and collaborate with common interest peer groups for better health decisions.

How the journey Started?

The founder, Dr Jinesh Shah, a practicing physician and diabetologist says during his consultation with different patients and experience “combination of health & technology can create miracle in healthcare industry”. So he thought to build some tool to track patients’ data, which can be accessed anytime at any place and can be shared to doctor.

He met Dr Hiren Kaswala – like minded innovator, who also wants to create one heath related portal for the patients. One creative IT expert Mr Shashank Patel liked the idea and he joined and the journey of Konect Health started.


The objective is to empower individual and caregiver for better health & disease management by tracking various health parameters and Provide reliable information about health and various diseases via expert doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Presently, more than 60 renowned doctors with different expertise are on the board of Konect Health Community. Many members of Konect Health community are using the platform to discuss their health related queries; they store their and their family’s health data. Thus they are now be more informed about their health.


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