Roshambo - Megha Gupta
Roshambo - Megha Gupta

Wala Interactive brings to you your favorite age-old game rock-paper-scissors with an interesting twist!

In Introduction Megha said,

We are ingie game development studio and our product is Roshambo: Clash of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Roshambo is an on line/off line multi player game where Rock-Paper-Scissors is combined with the gameplay of Tag. This game is for players of all ages and gender packed with action, team work, and definitely a lot of humor. Roshambo will be available for both Android and iOS. Maximum 9 players can play this game together on LAN/On line.

gameplay_symbols - Megha Gupta
Roshambo Gameplay symbols

A game filled with action, team work and hell lot of humor. A game that will remind you of your childhood days. That’s Roshambo – very old & traditional Game Rock–Paper – with a twist. Roshambo is an online/offline multiplayer game where Rock-Paper-Scissors is combined with the game play of Tag.

The creator of Roshambo, Wala Interactive is an indie game studio with a small but creative team who wanted to bring something new and innovative in the field of video gaming. Walas pride themselves in not what they have got, but what they make of what they’ve got. Roshambo is team Wala’s dream project and they have been constantly working on it since past 1.5 year.

The game started with a simple idea of creating something that helps everyone relive their childhood memories through a mobile game. Something that is played together, rather than individually. They figured there isn’t anyone globally who has not played Rock-Paper-Scissors even once in their life. It is said, “Lot of life changing decisions have been made on this game.”  Hence Roshambo came into picture.

The game exhibits a whole new level of multi player gaming experience that differs from all other successful multi player games like SniperVSThieves, Battle Bay etc. because of the following reasons:

Creativity and humor:

  • Team Wala is particularly working hard on the depth of humor through characters, animations and sounds to make the game engaging and a smile-magnet at the same time.
  • The fun is tripled with a distinguishing 3 teams fast paced, Multi player On line Battle Arena with incredible graphics, visual effects.

A new sub-genre:

  • Chase and run – based on traditional out door/indoor games where players Primary game play objective is to chase your opponents, or run away from them.
characters - Megha Gupta
characters – Megha Gupta

Adding feathers to it’s cap, Roshambo won the runners-up award for the NASSCOM (NGDC) Upcoming Game of the Year award 2016 out of 90+ games that were developed by both indie studios as well as established gaming studios from all over India. This was completely a jury based competition. Now coming to the love for the game by the general audience, this year Roshambo took part in the Game changers crowd funding competition powered by India’s first ever game crowd funding platform Catapooolt in which Roshambo is won the competition by raising Rs.3 Lakhs from over 300 contributors in 50 days.

Game play - Megha Gupta
Game play – Megha Gupta

On Funding Megha said that they are now live on Indiegogo (Indiegogo runs crowd funding campaigns) to raise more funds to aid the production of this beautiful yet to code and art heavy games with more than 5 arena themes, more than dozen character skins 3v3v3 player networking and mechanics and a lot more.

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