Interview with Dipen Mehta
Interview with Dipen Mehta

Media with Certified Green Attributes 

Mahatma Gandhi once quoted, “Be the Change you want to see”. Mr Dipen Mehta of Universal Products has been a total believer of the same.  Since its inception, the company has always been into introducing products that have created a CHANGE in the offset non – paper printing industry then and now in the digital printing industry. Mr Dipen Mehta and his company have manufactured a revolutionary product which will make us Indians very proud and our Environment safe for us and our future Generations. 

How did it all started…what was your first breakthrough idea?

Dipen Mehta said “I have started my business after graduation in plastic bags,  and used to get orders from many shops in Bangalore , I always wanted to do something different and kept on trying the new things , one fine day got an idea to make multicolour printed banner from PE foam materials and invented PE Foam Banner 20 years back, which is history now as all most all companies who wants to do advertise  their products uses this medium.  After the success of PE Foam Banner and related point of sales materials once again thought of doing better for the digital printing industries, and invented 100% Recyclable , Ecofriendly media for digital printing industries “EcoSigns”

Ecosigns Own production house

Tell us about 100% Recyclable Printable non Paper material briefly.

All most all digital printing on PVC Flex done past last 25 years are widely used by all most all sectors and individuals , Many of us are not aware that we are using the most hazardous materials as and when we use PVC Flex, To do better for the society and environment we have invented 100% Recyclable , 100% Eco Friendly ,100% PVC Free “Ecosigns” medium for digital printing ,1st time in India.

Why is PVC such a danger to our environment?

As PVC  Flex is not recyclable or destroyable, There are only 2 ways of removing PVC Flex from our surroundings,

1-By Burning the same , Which is most dangerous  ,when Poly vinyl Chloride (PVC) gets burnt it releases  hundreds of hazardous gas including Dioxin to the atmosphere , The same gas consumed by any human is carciogenic. And when it goes to the atmosphere it touches ozone layer and damage the same.,

2– After use of PVC Flex it will be picked up by corporation of that city  to send it to the landfills because rag pickers don’t pick that materials as they don’t get any value from that waste., That is how our landfills are getting filled with non-recyclable materials and occupying our indian lands., or it will be taken as a food by animals from the waste and killed themselves due to indigestion.

If printers and Corporates want to switch to Eco Signs, will they feel any pinch in their budgets and pricing?

We have tried to keep our rates and margin as low as possible and kept the rates at almost  par with the good quality of PVC Flex,

 Any Corporates , Event management companies , digital Printers , Government bodies will not find it difficult to switch to Ecosigns coz of rates, 

Its our vision to do better for all ,so definitely we need people to match our quality and rates both together to evaluate the same correctly.

What is your success story of Eco Signs of Kerala market? can you share in brief?

Kerala is the most educated state of our Country and government too try to do better for their citizen and so they have banned PVC Flex in the state of Kerala few months back, after this positive step to do better for the environment and their citizen we had a meeting with their cabinet ministers and chief minister, all of them have appreciated our effort and innovation , They are very keen on going for PVC Flex Free state as they are aware on hazardous effect of PVC Flex on society and nature.

We expect all state will follow one by one to do better for their people and environment. Our India can not get clean till such hazardous products are allowed to import and used without any proper guidelines from the government authorities. There is no guideline available to stop such hazardous materials in any state other than Kerala., I request NGO’s and relative environmentalist and government authorities  to support us to stop usage of PVC Flex in India. We are thankful to Mrs. Almitra Patel who has dedicated her life towards solid waste management in india for guiding us and appreciate our efforts to innovate


The innovative name
Ecosigns- 100% Eco friendly, recyclable, pvc free

Currently Karnataka , Chhatisgarh , Kerala government has banned or going to ban PVC Flex in near future and we are here to serve with our PVC Free , Recyclable and Bio degradable as per IS15985 materials. This is the genuine Recyclable materials with certificates

Which other clients have switched to Eco Friendly Eco Signs ?

There are many corporates are now using EcoSigns, namely Amul , Vodafone, Coco Cola ,

Himalaya Drug Co., Hindustan Unilever, TTK Prestige, and all the stadium of National Games 2015 has used the same. Many corporates are in discussion with us to use at their PAN India operations. Several event managements companies are using this.

Use in election advertisement and road side hoardings

Along with contributing to “Go Green” campaign, does this product helps Indian Economy in a bigger picture?

Yes, Currently 25 to 30 % of PVC Flex and 90% of PVC Pre gummed materials are getting imported from other countries.

We are giving our hard earned US$ to other country, and what are we getting in return??? Waste, Till waste it is ok, but this is such waste which you can not destroy and you have to pay heavy price for the same, We need to look it at bigger vision and follow our PM Sri Narendra Modi’s Word , Made in India and Go for Eco Friendly Products. One of the such products to be replaced immediately is PVC Flex as the replacement of the application is available readily with no extra budget.,

What are your plans for “Eco Signs “ ?

Currently we have maximum production capacity of 5’ width with 40000 per day and plan to expand it to maximum 10.5’ width and 120000 per day production to serve all India. We are looking for investors of this industries to trust this products and join us to reach to the goal and give best to the people of India and do better for the environment.This materials will make our economy stronger as well as we will achiever “ZERO WASTE” target from this digital printing and advertising industries.

One simple example : once EcoSigns used and thrown into dustbin, there will be rag pickers who will pick the same and sale it to waste dealer , he will get money to get food for him and family , waste dealer will sale the same materials to recycling plants, he will get some money out of it, Recycling company will make granules of it and sale to other plastic products manufacture and thus our money rotate in our country,  Currently we are importing PVC Flex and paying money to hold for above 100 years as the same is not getting recycled due to its hazardous nature when it burnt,

Hope it reaches to the right decision makers people and our vision to do better for the society and environment become the truth.

Mr. Dipen Mehta’s Vision

Thanks to my Business Guru Sri Jawaharbhai Pandya , my team and well wishers to support us on our dream to make India Green and to do better for the society and environment for next generation.


  1. Great efforts in right directions for saving our environment. Kiddos to Dipen Mehta and team.Added one more feather to succeQss story.dKeep doing the good work.

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