Peeyush Singhal Founder NatureFabStore
Peeyush Singhal Founder NatureFabStore

Mr. Peeyush Singhal started NatureFab with Mr. Sakshi Singhal. NatureFab is an organic, eco-friendly clothing brand that manufactures performance apparels, we aim to popularize the use of bamboo fabric in India. Our products are a result of intense research, for which we visited places in Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and Assam, and spoke to the farmers and manufacturers there. Bamboo fabrics possess multiple advantages compared to their counterparts. Accepting bamboo fabric as an alternative to cotton and polyester will also create an opportunity to set up more industries and provide a livelihood for the farmers.

What is your highest Education? And something interesting about College days to share?

I have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering. I have studied Mechanical engineering at SMVDU, Katra. The location was very quiet and clean. Being a student from Delhi, the environment was very different for me. No pollution, no garbage dumps, no dirt anywhere. During collage days, I visited China and saw bamboo clothing there. Nothing like that was present in India. So, it gave me an idea to start something in sustainable, organic clothing field.

How did you come up with the idea of NatureFab?

The idea was born during a trip to mainland china. In China we saw tees made from Bamboo fabric. We researched. We studied Bamboo, staple and yarn. We met people. We learned about production processes. We questioned. We asked how things could be done differently. And then we took the plunge. Seven months later, the classic ‘NatureFab Bamboo Tee’ was born.

Like most people we invariably came in to work in casuals. And we invariably had one complaint — that simple, high-quality t-shirts that we could wear to work were surprisingly hard to find. The high-end t-shirts were overpriced and over-designed. The simpler ones were just not up to the mark. And neither category offered us a really comfortable tee. There was just no ideal option. So, we decided to create it.

What problems are NatureFab solving?

We are trying to provide an alternative to polyester fabric. Our products are eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. We are trying to reduce the pollution caused by polyester clothing which is not biodegradable.

How does NatureFab work?

Anyone can buy our apparels from our website or from amazon store.

What is your target clients?

All those people who are looking to shift towards organic and sustainable clothing.

Where is NatureFab based & What are your geographical target areas?

We are based in new Delhi and our geographic target is all metro and non-metro cities of India.

Who are your biggest competitors and What is your competitive advantage?

Names such as Athlos, bamboo tribe, aristobrat are will be in our competition. We are the only brand that manufactures apparels using only bamboo. No cotton, no poly blend. #justbamboo

How do you plan to market NatureFab? What are your customer acquisition strategies?

We are trying to build a multi-channel approach via different ecommerce platforms and through our own e-commerce website. From next year we will go offline via branded stores like lifestyle and shoppers stop.

What is your larger goal or vision?

We want to introduce the concept to larger part of the audience, generate awareness about bamboo apparels. Accepting bamboo fabric as an alternative to cotton and polyester will also create an opportunity to set up more industries and provide a livelihood for the farmers.

Our aim is to provide you clothing made from softest fabric that will ever touch your skin. The fabric possesses many advantages over cotton and other fabrics.

What expansion plans are you looking for the next 2 years, next 5 years and in next 10 or 25 years?

We are planning to expand to offline market in next 2 years via branded stores and opening our own outlets in coming time.

We see ourselves as one stop solution for all your bamboo needs. We plan to do so by becoming one of the biggest brands in India offering sustainable, eco-friendly clothing.

What was the most challenging part of your journey till now? How did you overcome those challenges?

Being a mechanical engineer, I was totally new to this field. It took me quite a lot of time to understand the basics of clothing industry and entering into the field of bamboo fabric was all together a new thing. Bamboo fabric is rare in India and a lot of research went into finding the right supply partners.

What obstacles are you still working through?

We are still facing obstacles in procuring Raw materials and in the process of supply chain.

Did you receive any Awards and Recognition?

We have received “Startup India recognition” award.

“The T-shirt was so innovative that we didn’t go unnoticed from Government of Delhi Incubators. We are now incubated under IGDTUW- Anveshan foundation funded by Government of NCT of Delhi and Recognized by DIPP, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, GOI.”

About Anveshan foundation – IGDTU:

IGDTUW – Anveshan Foundation is a business incubator, as section 8 company promoted by Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW) Delhi and recognized by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

IGDTUW – Anveshan Foundation was incorporate on 13th October 2016 to develop entrepreneurial eco-system, start-ups and all business incubation related activities that can lead to value creations, jobs and employment and do social & economic development while gaining real-world, relevant professional experience.

IGDTUW – Anveshan Foundation offers fully furnished air-conditioned cubical, ICT facility, provision of Up to 7.5 lac of Rupees as seed money (against 7.5 % equity), access to use shared facilities like conference room(s), seminar hall and laboratories etc., and all kind of technical, strategic and business consultancies.

Who invested in NatureFab?

We have invested a big amount ourselves and seed money came from Anveshan foundation.

How Incubation centre is helping NatureFab?

It helps us to connect with different organisations as and when required.

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