plushvie aagam shah
plushvie aagam shah

Plushvie is an AI enabled online jewellery gifting marketplace. It showcases a wide collection of 50+ trusted brands like AB Jewels, Kalyan Jewels, Sarvada Jewels, Charu Jewels, etc. with over 15,000+ fine jewellery options in Real Diamond, Gold and Silver.

Our aim from the beginning was ‘Making Luxury Affordable’. Buying gold has always been considered to be the symbol of luxury in our country. But not everyone has been privileged with the same fortune.  Hence, the word Plushvie connotes Luxurious Life where ‘Plush’ (English) stands for ‘Luxurious’ and ‘Vie’ (French) stand for ‘Life’.

Our mission is to simplify the jewellery shopping experience for everyone. We understand the nitty gritty of customer’s needs and wants, and for the same purpose we have designed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based ‘Digital Jewellery Advisor’ which gives most suitable jewellery recommendation according to personality type of users.

Aagam Shah’s mission

How did you come up with the idea of Plushvie?

One day, when I was working with Larsen & Toubro Ltd, I noticed that my friend is struggling to find a gift for his fiancé. When I suggested him to gift a nice piece of jewelry, as it will look rich and precious, he shared he can’t do it because he was scared of buying jewlery. He thought jewelry shopping is too complex for him to buy one. That time, it hit my mind that it is not the price that prevents people from buying jewelry frequently, but the complexity involved in it is the major culprit. Realising this, I did a survey with the fellow colleagues of L&T and found the similar problem with everyone. That’s when I decided to solve this problem on a bigger scale. I soon realised it’s not a problem of anyone individual but everybody is a victim of this problem called “Difficulty of Jewelry Shopping”.

To bring ease of shopping, transparency, authenticity and hassle-free experience to people, I started Plushvie-An AI Enabled Jewelry Marketplace, where Jewelry Gifting is Made Easy. 

Idea of Plushvie

We wanted to make jewellery shopping transparent, easy and memorable for youngsters. We observed that 80% of youngsters feel jewellery shopping is not their cup of tea. We want to simplify the entire experience of Jewellery Gifting.

How does Plushvie work and What problem Plushvie is solving?

It’s an Artificial Intelligence Powered E-Commerce Marketplace that provides personalized recommendations to the users based on their personality and also takes care of the entire jewellery shopping experience including insurance and delivery.

Plushvie solves the problem of finding Jewellery Gifting, Jewellery Authentication and Finding the BEST Gift for your occasion.

What is the revenue model of Plushvie?

We charge Commission Per Transaction and Paid Product Promotion (CPC Advertisement by Sellers) such as:

  • Commission Per Order (%)
  • Paid Product Promotion
  • Exclusive Gift Packaging
  • Value Added Services

What do you want to achieve from Plushvie?

To help people celebrate relationships. To help the bonds become stronger.

Plushvie Vision Statement

About the business development, marketing, and branding:

Through Word-Of-Mouth Marketing and Need Based Marketing target to Tier -1 and Tier – 2 Cities of India.

As of now we are currently focusing on both Conventional and Digital mode of marketing. 60% of our traffic comes from organic search and 40% comes through digital media marketing. We are going to launch more personalized marketing campaigns which will address users’ needs and requirements rather than pushing the generic content through the queue.

“We wish to spread awareness through jewellery experts / fashion experts”

Plushvie on customer acquisition strategy

About Competition and Competitive Advantages:

To talk about competitive landscape, Plushvie faces competition from a few jewelry retail brands such as,,

However, we differ from them in terms of our AI enabled personalized jewelry recommendation feature which provides a “Guided Shopping Experience” for a user resulting in lesser confusion and more relevant product being displayed to every users. At Plushvie, a user can get the most relevant products in least possible time.

Most challenging part of Plushvie journey:

We have faced lot of changes in:

  • Product Authentication
  • Brand recognition challenges
  • Finding qualified employees
  • Highly unorganized retail sector
  • High marketing costs

Plushvie Proposition:

Smart Jewelry Advisor:

Our Artificially Intelligent jewelry advisor senses what type of jewelry you are looking for and provides most suitable jewelry options which will make your life easier while buying jewelry for someone special.


Every product that gets processed through Plushvie goes through third party laboratories to ensure its authenticity. All products of Plushvie are 100% authentic and genuine.

About Plushvie team:

Mr Aagam said we believe in “Learning Attitude and Never Give Up Spirit, Skills can be trained during the job”

Plushvie has a team size of 8 members including the founder who share complimentary skill sets with a common vision of making jewelry shopping extremely simple for everyone.

Here’s a brief overview of our founding team:

Aagam Shah, founder Plushvie

Aagam Shah– Founder & CEO, (B-Tech, IC, LDCE – 2012)

IC Engineer, Public Speaker, Problem Solver, Tough Task Master

About Funding:

Raised Seed Funding at USD 1 Mn Valuation.

What expansion plans are you looking for the next 2 years, next 5 years and 10 years?

Jewelry shopping is always associated with the Best of our memories. However, frequent jewelry shopping is mostly the scenario seen in the urban areas of the country. We wish to make it simplified enough to reach rural population as well. Our milestones for next couple of years are listed below:

  • 01 Lac+ Jewelry Products listed on Plushvie by end of Dec2019
  • 1000+ Registered Jewellery brands by end of Dec 2019
  • 1,00,000+ users by end of Dec 2020

Within Next 2 years, we wish to host more than 1 Lac Jewellery products. Within Next 5 years, we will be INDIA’s Largest Marketplace for Jewellery Shopping with over a Million Products to offer

And in Next 10 years We want to be a Unicorn

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