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Story of Nirvi Shukla’s Career Shapers Startup “SOPify”

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SOPify is one of the most unique startups that we have come across and trust me, every student who is planning to go abroad needs them. Because SOPify is in the business of helping students achieve their dreams by helping them place their best food forward. SOPify helps students draft the perfect statement of purpose, a document which lucidly yet creativily explains the intenstions of a student to visit any country for the purpose of study. Nirvi Shukla, through SOPify seems to have mastered this art of narrating a story which helps bring out the best side of a student.

Their off the chart reviews suggest that SOPify is the place you head to if you require help writing your Statement of purpose to get into your college of dreams. Not only that, merrely in 2 years, SOPify has managed to transform into a platform which offeres a bouquet of services which can make Student’s transition to foreign land easy. SOPify now even offers Accomdation and part time job opportunities to students who are travelling abroad.

The brain behind this niche yet splendid concept is of Nirvi Shukla. Nirvi Shukla completed her undergraduate degree in Commerce and went on to get her Masters degree in Business Administration (Finance). Nirvi Shukla is a qualified IELTS trainer. While she was already helping her students draft their SOP, Jitendra Sadhwani, Marketing Head, helped to scale this business by taking it online

The vision of SOPify

Based out of Ahmedabad, SOPify today has over 9000 followers on Instagram. The vision of SOPify is to form a community of students who are empowered. SOPify envisions to give a platform to all the students where they can directly help each other. And share their true experiences about colleges, application process or even visa consultants in their city. While that is their long term goal, SOPify already helps students free of charge by helping them by doing a free profile evaluation where they given them honest feedback about strength of their profile. Slowly moving towards being a global name, they get most of their clients from India and few from international destinations like UAE, Africa, Nigeria, etc.

Team consists of Jitendra, who takes care of the sales and marketing strategies, Ayushi, who manages their social media handle; and two content writers. The four of them work under Nirvi, who is in charge of the business development in Sopify.

Nirvi has streamlined Sopify’s objectives to ensure that the firm manages to produce 100% plagiarism-free and affordable work for students of all income brackets. Sopify also has a few collaborations with consultancy services. Sopify operates through Cloud Office model, where everyone gives their inputs and contribution through home. Nirvi manages to check every project with the utmost care, grammar checking software, and plagiarism software so that what they deliver is top-class.

A brief About Nirvi

Nirvi is a more balanced person who manages her family and her work on the same foot in her personal life. But she used to be a teacher to 30 odd students in a school. Which she gave up to pursue Sopify. She likes to travel, reads profusely, and visits new food joints in the city. Nirvi is a dedicated learner because she wants to pick up new skills, never knowing what might come in handy. Her inspiration stems from Steve Jobs and Dhirubhai Ambani, which pushes her to achieve her goals regularly.

Nirvi Shukla is one person who makes sure that Sopify never focuses on the money-making part of the business. She understands the necessity to get into a reputable college environment and thus guides young minds to get through to colleges abroad. Which nurtures them academically. Because she firmly believes that women should never see the world in black and white. Because llife does not end with their marriage. But she wishes that someday every woman can make use of the power of social media as a tool to build themselves from scratch. Till then, she helps youngsters develop their dreams and live them too!

Contact & Follow Sopify:

Company Name Sopify
Headquarters Surat
Founder Nirvi Shukla
Contact Detail Phone 7990341271
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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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