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Top 10 startups in Ahmedabad – 2021

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In 2021, we are increasingly coming across Startup success stories from the Tier. And 2 cities like Ahmedabad contributing to solving problems through innovative means in sectors that range from Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Fintech, Blockchain technology, etc. Because, Ahmedabad is going to be the fastest-growing state in the world. And according to the global economic research report, here are the top 10 startups in Ahmedabad.

LegalWiz India's Premier Professional Services Website - YouTube
  • Founders – Naman Pipara and Shrijay Sheth
  • Industry – Legal Services

LegalWiz comes on the first in the list of Top 10 startups in Ahmedabad. It is a legal technology venture that helps startups and SMEs with professional services, legal compliance, and taxation. For any entrepreneur, one of the tough challenges of launching a company is the legal aspect.

LegalWiz offers an affordable, simple and transparent way of procuring professional services related to the legalities of a business. The service includes the Filings Accounting, Custom Legal Document Drafting, New Business Registration, Government and Tax Registrations, and Intellectual Property Registrations.

My Class Campus

My Class Campus‎ on the App Store
  • Founders – Rachit Dave, Rutvij Vora, and Raj Kothari
  • Industry – Education Technology

My class campus comes on the second in the list of Top 10 startups in Ahmedabad. But it is an ed-tech startup founded in the year 2015. It offers a complete ERP system for educational institutions. Because my class campus is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning platform. So, it is simple, easy to use, and connects management, students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders of an educational institute. It charges on a per-student basis with the annual fee. And the company has subscription packages: basic, advance, and premium.


Lendingkart raises $87 Mn Series C round from Fullerton
  • Founders – Harshvardhan Lunia and Mukul Sachan
  • Industry – Financial Technology

Lendingkart comes on third in the list of Top 10 startups in Ahmedabad. And it is a fintech online platform that lends working capital and business loans to startups and entrepreneurs. Because Lendingkart was founded by Mukul and Harshvardhan in the year 2014. Instead of focusing on the past, financial statements, and income tax returns to evaluate the credit risk profile of a potential client. Lendingkart focuses on the client’s current year’s cash flow and business growth. So, the objective is to market capital funds readily available so that entrepreneurs can focus on the business instead of worrying about gaps in their cash flows.


Axio – Advanced Haemostasis | Wound Care Management | Hygiene & Protection
  • Founder – Leo Mavely
  • Industry – Medical Technology

Axio Biosolutions comes on the fourth in the list of Top 10 startups in Ahmedabad. And it is a medical device designer and manufacturer that focuses on hemostats, biomaterials, and wound care. Because it is the first company from India to develop, design, and commercialize a hemostatic emergency dressing to control profuse bleeding. Because has secured a total of $7.4 million in funding from the Ratan Tata and RNT Capital.


Elevated Body Temperature Detection Based Access Control or Workforce  Management for Enterprises
  • Founder – Shiraz Kapadia
  • Industry – Information Technology

Invixium comes on the fifth in the list of Top 10 startups in Ahmedabad. It manufactures biometric products for industries. Because the system supports multi-factor authentication, pins, fingerprints, and cards. The device can be connected to a computer with the help of Wifi or Bluetooth. Because it manufactures a wide range of biometric products like the IXM TITAN. Which recognizes fingerprints, finger vein, face, IXM TOUCH. Because it is a fingerprint-based solution for a wide range of applications such as attendance and time tracking, and access control. And it has secured a total of $4million from BDC and McRock Capital.

Invent India

Product Design & Development Firm, Communication Design Company
  • Founder – Jyothi Sudhir
  • Industry – Design

Invent India, comes on the sixth in the list of Top 10 startups in Ahmedabad. It is a startup based in Ahmedabad. Because that offers some innovative designs and impactful products for its customers with the goal to co-create growth. But invent India has won various awards for its great services across some industries.


Release Note: SalesHandy Version 2.0
  • Founders – Dhruv Patel and Piyush Patel
  • Industry – Information Technology

SalesHandy comes on the seventh in the list of Top 10 startups in Ahmedabad. Because it is a sales communication and analytics tool to help the sales team gain productivity. But the team is hardworking and dedicated, with its focus on enhancing the productivity of salespeople and helping them simplify the sales process.

Because, SalesHandy has worked with some of the most successful businesses in Ahmedabad along with international corporations like Uber, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.


Smartify - India's Leading Home Automation Store
  • Founders – Anthony Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Jared Worley, and Joey Caroni
  • Industry – Information Technology

Smartify comes on the eighth in the list of Top 10 startups in Ahmedabad. it is one of the best and top startups in Ahmedabad. Because it offers professional home automation consultation services and helps procreate a smart home experience. But Smartify has in-house automation experts, who test the compatibility of the devices and make sure that they are best suited for your needs.


  • Founders – Umang Kathiyara and Naitik Patel
  • Industry – Information Technology

Praxinfo, comes on the ninth in the list of Top 10 startups in Ahmedabad. So it is one of the top IT companies in Ahmedabad. But that offers web and mobile application development services to customers across the globe. Because the developers working in the company have more than 12 years of industry experience.

Love For Salad

List of Successful Ahmedabad Startups | Startups in Ahmedabad
  • Founders – Ashish Vyas and Vidhya Rana
  • Industry – Healthy Food

Love For Salad comes on the tenth in the list of Top 10 startups in Ahmedabad. But it is your destination for the best cooking tricks and tips to help you make a magnificent meal. Because love For Salad online store is geared towards what the customers are merely looking for. So, this startup in Ahmedabad strives to offer customer satisfaction by going above and beyond to meet the needs and requirements of their customers.

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