Vishal Mehta’s first ever 365 days live exhibition platform INDIA DOING BUSINESS

Vishal Mehta took 3 years to conceptualize the concept of virtual exhibition and he is the first mover in this domain. VirtualX is a new concept for the Indian Market with an idea to digitize the way people display their product or their services. This Online platform brings an opportunity to experience the new way to develop new business connections, loyalties or update themselves with the latest offerings.

Vishal said VirtualX is an ideal opportunity for any brand or business to display its premium products and services to the larger audience, and build online client base. VirtualX is Economical way of getting more leads for any business.

How did you come up with the idea of VirtualX?

Vishal Mehta exploring concept of India Doing Business

Before starting this company, I was into Tourism Business and since we had done a good business, we had funds to participate in Travel Exhibitions and we could also manage to visit some International Exhibitions. Once upon a time, I came across one of my Industry Friend and I heard from that they don’t have such hefty funds to participate or rather visit the exhibition across cities. Then I thought that even such people (having talent) also have rights to do business or precisely speaking, have a right to connect with Industry. Then, the idea started developing in my mind that I need to build such a platform which is affordable & not anyway less than the current traditional exhibitions.

What problems VirtualX is solving?

As we all know, participating in traditional exhibitions are not affordable by each and everyone. Because, lot of costs are involved like, Stall Space, Fabrication cost, Printing cost, Travel cost, stay cost, food expenses, etc etc etc. Our VIRTUAL EXHIBITION PLATFORM doesn’t require one to invest for such things since it is Digital. All one has to buy a stall space (for India Doing Business Project, we have kept the stall space starting from just Rs. 3500* for the entire year) – Traditional Exhibitions happens for an average of 3-5 days.

How does VirtualX work?

For “India Doing Business” project, any Entrepreneur across India, can participate in this exhibition which is going to be live for 365 days. It is completely digital.

Visitors can do everything what they can do in traditional exhibition.

  • They can talk to exhibitors via video calling feature.
  • They can chat with Exhibitors using Chat feature.
  • They can download the Brochure.
  • They can visit their website.
  • They can note down their contact details.

They can see the display of the products / services offered by exhibitors (through display panels on backdrop & standee) and another feature like exhibition can offer discount coupons for their visitors which they can download from the navigation bar itself.

What is your target market and who can be your client?

SME’s, Startups, in fact all Businesses can be a part of this platform.

VirtualX target audience

What are your geographical target areas?

As it’s a ONLINE platform, we are open for all days and for every business.

What is the revenue model of your business?

India Doing Business platfom generates revenue from Exhibitors. We also have other projects in pipeline, some of which will generate revenue from Visitors & some from organisers like Associations of Industries, etc

What is your larger goal or vision with VirtualX?

Our goal is that every Businesses of India should be a part of this and be benefited out of this platform. That is why this is kept affordable.

What is your business dream achievement?

To provide and make VirtualX a largest digital platform for Indian Businesses for exhibitions.

How do you plan to market your product? What are your customer acquisition strategies?

Since this platform is digital, we market this platform using digital platforms only. We also invite Digital Marketing agencies OR Social Media agencies across India to become our Channel Partner and get Exclusive Selling right of this platform (India Doing Business) for their region. As of now we have 5 Channel Partners for Mumbai, Delhi, Vapi, Erode & Thane Region.

What expansion plans are you looking for the next 2 years, next 5 years and in next 10 years?

Launching this platform for various business segments like Tourism, Real Estate, Recruitments, etc

In next 10 years, I am more keen to see all our supporters to grow 100 times from today, It’s not important where I will be in next 10 years, but I always think for such people (like whom I met 3 years ago), I want every Business person to make money by every means and be a part of growing India’s economy.

What is your Success Story so far?

Our Success Story is that to whosoever we have presented this platform, none of them has ever said that this is not a good platform. All of them have appreciated the idea and have shown faith in us.

Success story of VirtualX

What was the most challenging part of your journey of VirtualX till now? How did you overcome those challenges?

The most challenging part was to put this idea into practical because we never had a base to compare. It is totally a new platform for Indian Market. We tried referring some International methods but their way of operations is different than that of Indian Market. After that the challenging part was to find a trustworthy developer to get this developed. Because by the time we could launch this platform and get it copyrighted, it was not supposed to be revealed. We found few developers but to find someone to work in our budget was more challenging.

If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?

If I get a chance to start my career over again, I would prefer to go for engineering and invent something new and innovative which can be useful for every household and everyone.

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