the ladies launge -power of appearance
the ladies launge -power of appearance

It is said that your appearance affects the way you think and feel, and appear to the world. How people react to your presence and action is often strongly dependent on how you look and behave. In efficiently combining your personal style, body language, and communication skills, you will find yourself achieving every goal in life, whether it is a new job, making a good impression, or simply feeling great about yourself.

Keeping with the power of appearance and presentation, “The Ladies Lounge” is bringing to you, Women who are just like you and have acheived expertise in their own professions by following certain norms in their day to day life. We are bringing these professional women to speak to you on concerns of Fashion, Lifestyle, Jewellery, Watches, Make-Up and to the nuances of everyday style and all the aspects of making an impressive appearance.

The event was hosted & conceptualised by Mr. Krunal Parekh and there was a “Fashion Talk Panel” which has participants: Purva Patel, Aditi Parekh, Shilpa Choksi, Rupal Shabnam Tyagi & Shweta Kapur – Moderated by Fashion critic Ms. Harmeet Bajaj

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