Monday, January 25, 2021
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Entrepreneur Sumeet Jindal funded Postman News creating spur in the digital media industry

On today’s date, every update received is looked out for authenticity. Digital India might have provided many growth opportunities, but it has also made big names too vulnerable. In the line of such high sophistication, media houses like Postman News are giving their best to ensure that along with the news, people can get creativity over presentation. This venture has not just gained an interest but is becoming a growing ground for many looking out for opportunities.  Postman News today is known around; for the news, it provides varied sectors including Bollywood, Economics, Politics, Sports, and much more. They have created...

The journey of Indrashish as an entrepreneur in multiple start-ups for Websites

This journey from being an MBA who left his high profile job to follow his heart has been quite incredible. From being a founder...

Entrepreneurship can be a tough and long journey for many people

RaviRaj Langhnoja (Business Consultant|Motivational Speaker| Writer ).CEO & Director at NEXUS WEBSOFT SERVICES (P) LTD. Today I am sharing my entrepreneurship journey with all...

LinkedIn Local is yet another feather in cap of the Facebook community of entrepreneurs called as ‘Entrepreneur Excel’

The successful series of LinkedIn Local is yet another feather in cap of the Facebook community of entrepreneurs called as ‘Entrepreneur Excel’. A super...

Team of EE goes the extra mile -“Entrepreneur Excel – Nexus”

Entrepreneur Excel Nexus 2.0 was all about going down the memory lane.. learning like a child, where no one is to judge your moves. You understand from your own strategy.. your own moves about your mindset on finance in a super fun loving full of learning way through India’s first financial board game. Members were invited at a playschool to play this game.. isn’t it exciting..!!?? They were amazed to learn about their Financial Mindset and how this mindset is becoming a barrier in their actual life to attain their Financial Freedom.

Sandeepha restaurants brand made by Patricia Narayan

Patricia Narayan She started her career 30 years ago as an entrepreneur, selling eateries from a mobile cart on the Marina beach amidst all odds...

Coolie’s Son Set Up A Rs 100+ Crore Company

Coolie’s Son who Set Up 100 Crore Company with just 25,000 This is the story of a man who failed in Class 6, but went...
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