Empowering People to Hire People, JobSquare aims to be the number 1 choice of Recruiters and Job Seekers

Finding the right talent is extremely integral for any organization and platforms like JobSquare become the perfect bridge between recruiters and job seekers. Vyapaar Jagat spoke to JobSquare Co-Founder & CEO, Mr. Ishit Jethwa to understand more about the platform, whose tagline says, “Find Real People, Driving Real Change”

How it all started?

Over a cup of coffee with my friend and Founder of Beardo, Ashutosh Valani, I conceptualized the idea of JobSquare. We were in the midst of a venting session about the job market and the talent pool, and decided to create a millennial-friendly app that uses the best of old age and new age tools to make hiring great talent and finding quality jobs an expedited process. Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah – Founder of India’s premium men grooming brand Beardo, came on board as the Co-Founders, and the journey of JobSquare commenced.

What makes JobSquare Unique?

JobSquare aims to be the number one platform of choice that connects recruiters and job seekers in real time and eliminates the ambiguity associated with traditional online job seeking scenario, resulting in faster jobs and expedited recruitment process.

First let me explain the challenges to you-

  • Recruiters get bogged down by several resumes, resulting in spams and duplication of efforts
  • Talent hunting is difficult for SME’s and startups due to lack of finances and resources to spend on existing expensive job portals
  • For niche specialist roles, it requires a more personalized approach in recruitment, which is lacking
  • Lack of an interface that provides whereabouts of the candidates
  • Lack of due diligence and background checks
  • On the other hand, Job Seekers face the following issues-
  • Lack of specific search tools and job functions listing, which results in inability to find niche, relevant jobs
  • Lack of an interface that would provide real time update on job openings
  • Lack of a one on one interaction with the recruiters, as the jobs are posted by Job boards on behalf of the recruiters
  • Several forms are required to be filled by Job seekers, which is unnecessary when the Resume is in place

Now that we have understood the challenges, let me share how JobSquare adds value, we have a mobile app available on Android, IOS and Web interface, which has a comfortable interface keeping into mind the requirements of both the Recruiters and the Job seekers. Our key USP’s are-

  • Map Listing and Hyper Localized Jobs
  • Finding both Jobs & Candidates
  • Free of cost platform for both parties
  • Empowering people to hire people

Our key target audience in Recruiters are Companies- Human resources, Talent Acquisition Agencies, Founders, etc and in Job Seekers it is primarily people in the age bracket of 22 to 40 years. We are based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat and we soon aim to reach out to Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi/NCR/Gurugram and other tier I and tier II cities.

Vision and Mission

We believe in making a product that is perfect. In addition to regular marketing channels like Google Adwords, FB, Insta etc, it should have high tolerance value where users show loyalty towards the product and hence making them irreversible. Once they use our portal they should never wish to go back to their previous choice of recruitment or job seeking platform.We work on improving our product each and make sure that our technology is cutting edge. We keep a constant tap on the evolving technology and ensure that we are the first ones to adopt and implement it, for the benefit of our customers.

I want JobSquare to become a social currency, I aim for it to become the go-to platform for recruitment, example Uber has become the go-to platform Taxis. In today’s time, we say “Call an Uber” and earlier we used to say “Call a taxi”.

Mr. Ishit Jethwa JobSquare Co-Founder & CEO

Customer Satisfaction

Many organizations like Torrent Pharma, Liv Spaces and Meesho found 20+ candidates in less than a day and for free of cost. We are happy and proud that our customers love us. We have an undisclosed seed investment of USD 5,00,000 and at present we are raising USD 2.2 Million in our series A round.

Work Life balance

It is important for your family and friends to believe in you and your idea and that pushes you to make your product unparalleled, along with providing you the perfect work life balance. As a founder, you must be constantly learning, if you do not know anything, learn it overnight. I am hardworking person but I utilize my time smartly as I am aware that my time is valuable for the growth of my product. Currently, I am learning Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and NLP.

When at a break from work, I enjoy playing Badminton, Snooker along with watching documentaries.

Advise to Aspiring Entrepreneurs/Startups

Hustle, get married to the idea. You need to breathe the idea day and night. Make sure you are utilizing all your time to get closer to your vision. Good luck!

Contact JobSquare

Contact ToMr. Ishit Jethwa
Email[email protected]
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jobsquaresocial/

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