From Left - Co-Founders Keyur Bhalavat, Ravi Patel, Hiren Kanani , Jankar Rajpara, Alen Abraham
From Left - Co-Founders Keyur Bhalavat, Ravi Patel, Hiren Kanani , Jankar Rajpara, Alen Abraham

Plutomen – Scripting Tomorrow’s Technology today

Businesses determine their own future by how they adopt technology as it evolves. A company that is serious about its race to the top cannot afford to say, “First, let me lead – then I’ll innovate.” As any business leader will attest, successful companies always do it the other way around.

They innovate, so that they can lead.

That’s where Plutomen Technologies plays its role. Plutomen is an enabler of transformation through technology and innovation, but it would be an understatement to imply that therein ends the company’s role. Plutomen is a transformer, a partner who’s as deeply invested in the success of such initiatives as its clients themselves.

A lean, young startup, Plutomen also employs some of the most experienced resources in fields such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and mobility solutions. That’s because Plutomen is actually the merger of two firms, Oryden Techlabs (started in 2012, acquired by SquareYards in 2014 and de-merged in 2016) and HJ Dimensions (started in 2011, merged with Oryden in 2016). While Oryden has always worked on cutting-edge AR & VR Solutions and 2D/3D Visualizations, HJ Dimensions added competencies across web and mobile application development.

The pre-eminence of Oryden in the AR-VR space has ensured that Plutomen has already established itself as the go-to firm for discerning clients such as Bajaj Allianz, the Bhutani Group, Rohan Builders and SquareYards. HJ Dimensions’ capabilities in development and hardware has, similarly, made Plutomen the preferred technology partner for DAR Media (the production house behind the successful movie, “Lunchbox”), Prima Automation, Thermotech Systems etc.

People at Plutomen attribute their success to a combination of factors – a flat hierarchy that offers decisive and inclusive direction, the agile methodology of development that enables definitive and iterative progress, and business process consultants who’ve been clients themselves not too long ago. As a result, Plutomen has been able to turn around projects with blurred or uncertain requirements, something that even more established firms have a problem with.

The bigger the dream, the more important the team. -Plutomen
The bigger the dream, the more important the team. -Plutomen

Plutomen Technologies has designed and developed applications in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in various different fields.

The Booking Engine:A marketing tool for real estate, is in fact an electronic brochure. A platform which is a mix of 3D views, Real-time inventory management system and Augmented/Virtual Reality as needed. This web application showcases 3D renderings of the entire project and its facilities enabling buyers across the globe to virtually inspect the entire project from the tower, to the granular level of each unit. Upon selecting a flat, it gives an option of viewing it in 2D as well as 3D with a 360-degree responsive layout of the entire flat. The user can view the entire property either as a predefined walkthrough or as an interactive embedded into the project website as per their requirements. What’s more, the built-in IMS lets the buyer book from available flats then and there! (Know more @

Machinery AR is another domain that Plutomen’s betting on. In the recently-concluded PlastIndia 2018 expo, Plutomen built an application for PASL Windtech that heralded a new paradigm in training and marketing using Industrial AR. The app can scan any PASL product and show its assembly and dismantling. (Know more @

Other projects in the pipeline include AR apps for educational purposes (such as scanning the image of a wild animal or a windmill in a book and seeing it in action), an e-commerce app where you can virtually see how a piece of furniture looks inside your room before placing an order for it from within the same app and a marketing gimmick for a premium automobile brand.

“One of our biggest advantages,” Ravi Patel, Head of Design, tells us frankly, “is that our deployment time is short. Partly because of experience, partly because we’ve built tools and processes for internal use that speed up delivery.”

Along with AR, Virtual Reality has been another cornerstone of Plutomen’s success. The Bhutani group, as part of the launch of its Alphathum project, commissioned a VR game that allowed a player to walk through a virtual model of the project, right from the rooftop Infinity Pool to the clubhouse, and it was a big hit with the kids and the parents.

(Know more @

Despite its reputation as one of the pioneers of AR and VR in India, Plutomen’s leadership is unwilling to rest on such laurels. Keyur, one of the co-founders, says that this is part of the company’s DNA. “The team is already working on the confluence of IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and AR. Now all of these technologies are, by themselves, still maturing… but the next step in that evolution will definitely be a mix. By the time our clients are ready with questions, we want to be ready with solutions!”

It is this quest for solution-building that has driven them to explore Enterprise Blockchain even for municipal projects. “It’s what the transaction industry – banking, financial services, e-commerce – is moving to anyway, so why not government records as well?” Hiren Kanani, CTO, explains.

AR-based E-commerce is catching on these days, but Plutomen seems to be ahead of the curve already. Ravi points out that the company already has a solution in the public domain that is scalable, flexible and customizable. “Imagine going beyond your standard order-taking website or app with an AR-enabled one. No more 2D images, no more product returns because the dimensions or colors don’t match. Load your catalogue into our solution and let your users try out what furniture or fitting works best – size, shape, color, configuration – in their house or office. And once they’ve shortlisted what they want, it’s as simple as clicking on the cart and completing the order!” (Know more @

Within a year of its inception, Plutomen has already crossed milestones many firms struggle to hit in 3 years. They have delivered solutions for clients across different industries such as Real Estate, Manufacturing, Learning and Training, Healthcare, Gaming, Start-ups, etc. It has sourced international business contracts in Australia, UAE and USA, and a few more are expected to be inked with Canadian businesses later this year.

Their patented Photobook application is – if you will pardon the pun – clicking with the users, with thousands of downloads. Alen Abraham, Co-Founder and the brains behind the products division along with Jankar Rajpara, opines that the focus is on mass-market products for now.

photobook app by plutomen
Photobook app by Plutomen

“We’ll have some hits and some misses because we don’t just deal with proven, popular technologies of today,” Keyur replies when asked about the response to their bouquet of cutting-edge services. “That’s the safe route. But for us, because we want to be something more than a plain-vanilla firm, that’s unacceptable. The risk is there, but so are the rewards if you are the pioneers over and over again. That’s when you write the narrative instead of simply being a part of it.”

Judging by what we have seen so far, Plutomen is certainly holding the pen to the future right now…

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