How to Manage Geo Attendance
How to Manage Geo Attendance

HRiS365– HRMS tech company which is seed funded by Yudiz Solutions Pvt Ltd is providing mobile app features which turns your mobile phone into a biometric attendance device i.e., Use mobile phone or Smart phone to mark employee attendance using the GPS technology which can replace bio metric device. Using a Phone app registers GPS coordinates and transmit all the data through the phone’s mobile Internet connection.  Simple change which makes lot more difference to Business world.

The idea behind this system is to make biometrics recognition easier and mobile. The app interface is user-friendly and simple.

Mobile Screen for marking an attendance
Mobile Screen for marking an attendance

HRiS365 offers both Geo tagging and geo fencing options:

Geo Tagging: Mark employee attendance using the Geographical identification from anywhere.

Geo Fencing: Mark attendance from specific area which has been configured by entering specific latitude and longitude coordinates to restrict attendance area/region.

Mobile App also has feature to capture the face or selfie when marked attendance which gives more authentication to HR managers.

Dr. Pravin-Founder of HRiS365 has also mentioned that we are doing research with several mobile handset devices to scan fingers and face to mark employee attendance. Using fingers and face will give more authentication to attendance records. This research is titled as “Fingerprint Recognition, Voice Recognition, Facial Recognition-FVF” by Dr. Pravin Parmar.


Biometric System Market worth 32.73 Billion USD by 2022

The future growth of the biometric system market is expected to be driven by rising use of biometric technology for employee attendance in financial institutes, healthcare sectors, manufacturing units as well as government initiative in adoption of biometrics systems.

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