YUVAU is creative digital advertising agency, helping business & brands to market their services, products effectively through Digital & Social Platforms. We believe quality of content & visual graphics matters a lot in the Digital Advertising. The trend of advertising changing so we are focusing into the Viral Marketing, Concept Based Marketing, Communication Design & Guerrilla Marketing.

Arpit, What is your highest Education? And say something about your School/College days and Degree?

I have completed higher education from my hometown & completed my graduation in B.com from BSSS College Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I have completed several competitive exams coaching in my early days of college life and then I also went for classes of Designing & Development to learn computers.

How did you come up with the idea of YUVAU?

For YUVAU the first thing that came into my mind was that how could Someone’s Idea or business could reach to everyone through Digital Platforms. We have seen that Peoples are not aware about Digital Marketing and people there could know about his work or idea. Because digital marketing for small Business and for people at towns and villages is not that easy task to do.

I started my Journey of Startup in 2016 but at that time. I kept that in mind and Started learning (Because I believe first learn and then think to earn) Designing work, Developed and to create a Network of people of same interest and things went on and then soon I met my batch mate and now he is our partner Mr. Nipun jain and from there we shared our ideas and came at this point where we Made YUVAU.

What problems YUVAU solving?

Helping Business & Startups to grow Digitally & Advertising their product services directly to end user by Creative Digital Advertising.

Who are your target clients?

Our Target Market is Startups, Small Businesses & organisations.

Where is YUVAU based & What are your geographical target areas?

We are Bhopal Based & our Clients are from Different Regions MP, CG, Rajasthan, Maharashtra.

Who are your biggest competitors?

Every creativity having a unique identity so we don’t believe in competition because every creative agency is unique in their category, content so there is no such competition in my point of view.

What is your larger goal or vision?

We are building creative team & in next 5 years we want to come under list of India’s Top 20 Creative agencies.

How do you spend your time outside work?

Currently, I spend most of the time in my self-development & learning.

Whom do you consider your idol or biggest motivator?

My Biggest Motivator is my Parents who always support me in every situation. Apart from Parents Sandeep Maheshwari, Vivek Bindra, Simarjeet Singh many inspiring motivators & also my friends & colleagues.

What advice you want to give to Young Entrepreneurs & Startups?

Consistency is Everything but makes sure efforts should be in the right direction & your vision will be more evident when you start working on that.

About VASPL Incubation Centre

VASPL Initiatives Pvt Ltd is promoted with the concept of “Cultivating Excellence” in the society through systematic and holistic approach towards incubating new as well as existing start-ups in the ecosystem. VASPL has been approved by the State Government of Madhya Pradesh to foster, nurture & promote start-ups in entrepreneurial activities.

How Incubation centre is helping YUVAU?

We got benefited in many ways like Networking, Mentoring, Infrastructure support & many more. The main thing I see you are able to Validate your idea & product.

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