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Entrepreneurship Story of Honey Thakkar (Globalhype Media Solutions)

Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

This is an Entrepreneurship story of a girl named Honey Thakkar belonging to a middle-class family. Her idle dream job was to pursue CA, but her family wasn’t financially strong to do so. Honey took an education loan from PNB to pursue her studies & completed a bachelor’s degree in Computer Application. She had the passion & drive to achieve something big in her life & to sustain her family financially. She started visiting incubation centers in her free time post-college, started meeting startups, brainstormed on ideas to start a new product & service.

An early passion leads to early success!

After her bachelor’s, she started working at a startup company- Eternz as a Web Developer & Strategy guide. This startup job really helped her. She studied the challenges of it. Along with her job, she started learning more about digital platforms & through her own efforts, she became the Youngest amazon allowed trainer at 25, an amazon trained e-commerce Specialist and Flipkart & Google Certified Trainer. Eternz shifted to Banglore, after which she shifted to another company called Caterpillar Inc. She used to handle their e-commerce entirely & was paid well.

Complexities of her journey

Honey always planned to start something of her own. She kept on meeting young entrepreneurs & discovered that they face a lot of complexities at the beginning of their journey, from strategically building a business to registering it, getting licenses & permits, getting the right human resources & marketing it well, she realized it is surely a struggle. Here, Honey found an opportunity wherein she could help solve these untapped problems. “to create a pool of fields at one place, in order to support entrepreneurs through just one click”.

So along with her job, she started giving training related to social media, commerce & digital marketing to these Startups & started earning well from her training. She wishes to leave her job to train full time, but because of family pressure, she had to continue working as it wasn’t easy to give up a fixed monthly income.

Her employer company was 24 hours, so she took 6 am to 3 pm as her working hours so that she can give training rest of the day. Through this practice, she grabbed a good no. of customers in India as well as globally.

When she turned 25, she realized she has earned well from her training & will be able to financially support her entire family. She finally left her job and put all her energy & efforts to become a Full-Time Digital Trainer & Service Provider. She today, has her own team working for her.

Award 2020

Honey, from taking a loan to study further to be financially stable to support her family at 25, to taking a hard decision to leave a full-time, well-paying job to start her own business. Today, Honey is an Amazon service provider globally. In 2020, they addressed her with the Most Influential Commerce Professional Award 2020. And is nominate for Superwoman 2020, India?. She provides free guidance and trains struggling startups. Because she works towards Empowering Women and encourages digitization. Honey Thakkar has supported over 50 startups with her strategic planning and branding solutions and global e-commerce knowledge, and they established her own Entrepreneurship.

The inspiring part of Honey is where she chose also educate and support elderly people who want to start their own business on an online platform. She has supported over 20 elders above the age of 50.

Honey is truly a woman of her kind, passionate and driven.


An early riser truly takes the cake, and this story is surely a successful example!.

  • Amazon allowed Training Partner
  • Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist
  • Flipkart Certified
  • Google Certified
  • An awardee of The Most Influential Ecommerce Professional Award 2020
  • Selected for the Nominee of Superwomen 2020 in India.
  • Featured in Coffee-Table Book- ‘Celebrating Women in Startups’ dedicated to the emerging women’s innovators/startups presence of Hon’ble Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijay Rupani.

“The domain or market of the industry of startups is huge, and her motto is to help them grow. As they grow, we grow,” “You sow. We Grow”.

About Globalhype Media solutions

Our company Globalhype Media solutions gives the opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs, small traditional businesses, and especially homemakers who want to become financially independent. We make them capable to take and do their business online through an online marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra, etc. we considerably grow their income potential and income itself.

Apart from helping traditional businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs successfully set up their business online. We also offer digital marketing services and resolve all our clients’ issues regarding online business and marketing through one-on-one interaction.

I feel now is a good time over the past few years owing to the low rental charges of the internet data, internet penetration has increased drastically in India. Today amid COVID, more and more people are interested in buying things online rather than physically going to any shop. Now that has boosted the income of online marketplace sellers. These sellers are leveraging the surge in online buying and which new and upcoming sellers should also leverage.

Also, through the work we are doing, we are making or more appropriately. I would say we are contributing to the efforts by the government in making India Atma Nirbhar and making the people of our nation’s future highly secure. I and my team feel so much proud. And that we are successfully helping the people of India to become Atma Nirbhar by setting up their business online.

Honey Thakkar is saying that “The three words that come to my mind when I think about entrepreneurship. Are “Dream”, “Achieve”, and “Win” “.

Jyoti Hirani
Jyoti Hirani is a communication consultant with 12 years of industry experience. She has worked in the fields of Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Journalism. Her key strength is story telling narration and building powerful and unique brand messaging with human connect.

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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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