How Sheetal Majithia started her so-called ‘practice’ by doodling


Kalam by Sheetal K. Majithia was established in 2013, with a display of 80 frames of hand drawn artwork by Sheetal K. Majithia at a solo maiden exhibition held in Ahmedabad. What initially started out as art on paper, has now expanded into this intricate art work printed on a range of lifestyle products such as- Mugs, Trays, Coasters, Pen Stands, Gift Boxes, Scarves, Ties, Wall Clocks and much more. Kalam features most of its products in black and white, however, offers customization for corporate and bulk orders. Kalam’s future is designed by its followers, catering to the needs and wants of each of its patron.

Peacocks, lotuses, mangoes and shapes and designs of all sorts pored themselves out from my hands at every chance I got during the bits and pieces of free time that erratically appeared in the busy days of my bustling joint family life. In between the daily household “to-do” list…the doodles soon found their way to almost all scraps of paper, back pages of diaries and notebooks to be found in my vicinity. Often, not even the backside of the grocery bill was spared. Remembering the number of times I missed what was taught in class during college days due to this notorious tendency, I thought…. “Ah! Bad habits die hard.” Little did I know, that this “bad habit” will one day transform into meaningful work which will be a vehicle of my expression.

The latent potential ability to express one’s creativity via the medium of Art is present in everyone. Exploring an idea visually, with a pen in hand compliments my imagination and encourages original thinking, flexibility, adaptability and the ability to generate solution to complex problems. I got to know myself all over again.

Ours has been a home where talent is appreciated. Fortunately, this holds true for my life before as well as after my marriage. My parents Bharat & Rekha Rajpopat were always encouraging about cultivating an art in one’s life. And my in-laws Nanubhai & Urmila ben Majithia have been the pillars of support for converting this interest into a fulfilling line of work, at every step of my journey. More particularly my father-in-law who recognized my ‘doodling talent’ and encouraged me to create twelve images of Lord Ganeshji, which he said would use in his company’s annual calendar. This was the first inspiring trigger factor that released the chain of thoughts and a unique desk calendar was evolved. My daughter Malvika gave my work a brand name “KALAM” and designed its logo. Special thanks to sister-in-laws Krishna Majithia and Sarika Majithia, without their support, this wouldn’t have been possible… without their company, it wouldn’t have been as much fun.                     

What initially started out as art on paper, with the team effort, has now expanded into a range of lifestyle products like- Mugs, Trays, Coasters, Pen stand, Gift Boxes, Scarves, Ties, Mobile covers and many more, with the unique Kalam designs on each. Now we also accept customization corporate/bulk orders. Further Kalam’s future is designed by its followers, catering to the needs and wants of each of its patron.

Kalam has joined hands with Milaap, an organization that contributes to the economy by setting up micro-level enterprises in the field of handloom, handicraft, education etc. Kalam along with Milaap supports the cause of rural women upliftment in India. Over the past 4 years, through Milaap, Kalam has supported 122 small enterprises and impacted 557 lives.

It is a special feeling being a woman entrepreneur. My parents brought me into this world and taught me how to be a daughter. My husband became my life partner and taught me how to be a wife. My in-laws cultivated the life lessons of responsibility, care, togetherness, looking after the family harmony and taught me how to be a daughter-in-law and sister-in-law. My children, leaving the imprint of their tiny footprints on my heart from the moment they came into this world, taught me how to be a mother.

And now Kalam has completed my journey and opened up a world of possibilities for how I would like to experience this life – as an entrepreneur, an artist, a value creator, as a supporter of social causes. I can paint my own picture.

  • Participated in several pop-up art shows in Baroda and Ahmedabad.
  • 27th July 2013, Kalam exhibited 80 frames of its hand drawn artwork at a solo maiden exhibition held at the Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad, which was inaugurated by eight inspiring women of Ahmedabad.
  • Kalam’s art was showcased at The Philosophy Club, Ahmedabad as the featured artist (2013).
  • The Project Cafe, Ahmedabad exhibited Kalam products on display and sale (2013).
  • Participated and contributed it’s artwork “Nari” as a tribute for the Bronze Woman of India- Jasuben Shilpi (2014).
  • Participated in a group initiative towards the cause of supporting children suffering from Thalassemia by contributing proceeding from sale of two kalam’s art work frames (2014).
  • Participated in Flo Fest 2015 organized by FICCI Flo Ahmedabad.
  • Designed the cover for a book “The True India: Crushed Under the Modern Development Model” by Atul Shah, Ahmedabad (2015).
  • Participated in Weekend Window (May 2015) and FloFest (October 2015) exhibitions in Ahmedabad.
  • Participated in Singapore Gujarati Society’s “Gujarati Bazaar” in September 2015.
  • Privileged to be featured in the coffee table book “Rising Stars” by (GCCI) Business Women Wing launched at Vibrant Gujarat Business Women Conclave on 19th December 2015. 
  • Appointed as Ambassador of MompreneursIndia (Online portal for entrepreneurs’ mothers) and heading Ahmedabad Chapter since January 2016 till present.
  • Participated in FemaFest under the banner MompreneursIndia, Ahmedabad Chapter (March 2016).
  • Featured in “Swarsetu News Digest”, a popular cultural magazine of Gujarat (October 2016).
  • Participated in Gujarat’s Prestigious Vibrant Gujarat Startup Exhibition & Summit (October 2016). 
  • Featured in “Sakhi”, a monthly Gujarati magazine (October 2016).
  • Participated in the “108 Kala Vinayaka” by The Indian Contemporary Artist’s mega travelling show 2016-17 
  • Recognized as one of the “100 Women Entrepreneurs by L.I.F.E’s Leader in Female Entrepreneur in the Art & Gifting Category (2016).
  • Received the Garima Award 2016-2017 presented by the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industries (GCCI) for artwork and entrepreneurship of Kalam by Sheetal K Majithia.
  • Participated for an initiative called “Chota Bat-Bada Score” by V.V.S Foundation & Mantra Art Gallery (January 2018).
  • Participated in Creative Yatra-The Culture Club-Episode One (May 2018).
  • Recognized by Start-n-Excel with a ‘Super Mom’ title on the occasion of Mother’s Day (May 2018).  
  • Won the Bookmark Making Competition organized by The American Corner, Ahmedabad in July 2018.

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