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Success Story of KRINA PANCHAL: Founder of Vilnesh International

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Vilnesh International is a company that deals with the machinery that aids the manufacture and production of pharmaceutical products, chemicals, and food items. Because this firm has been around for five years now, acing every test and crossing every hurdle.

Who all are the founders of the company?

Based out of Ahmedabad, Vilnesh International is founded by Krina Panchal in the year of 2015. Krina Panchal, a graduate in Commerce, was inspired by her father, Mr. DInesh Panchal, to work up this line of work. Ms. Krina Panchal comes from a family that has been in the same business for the past 25 years, to which she owes her knack towards engineering.

Ms. Krina Panchal has graduated with a B.Com degree from Gujarat University in the year 2012. Because she pursued individual Diploma programs in Marketing, International Business Management, and Import and Export. She has also trained in Rifle Shooting from the Khanpur Rifle Club. Because she felt motivated to start her own business as an entrepreneur in her family’s work line–machinery manufacturing. However, she was determined not to join her family’s business with no effort of her own.

She started with her work from home, and then slowly expanded the business by renting an office space. Because Vilnesh International currently has no partners or co-founders. However, Ms. Krina Panchal gives credit to her father, family, and in-laws, who supported her throughout the journey. She does not intend to collaborate with anyone in the future as she visualizes herself as the company’s sole controller.

Ms. Krina Panchal is married to Dr. Soumya Jain, with whom she shares a wonderful relationship. Her husband supports her in achieving her targets and be her best version at work. She spends time with her family and takes long pauses in the middle of nature. She considers herself adaptable to all kinds of environments, but she also takes self-care and relaxation time. Also, in her professional life and her private life, she balances hard work and smartness to yield the best results.

Vilnesh International company

What all products did Vilnesh International offer?

Vilnesh International started with no investment. It is currently in a state where major producers of products such as Vibro screen, impact pulverizer, powder mixer, and hammer mills and crushers. Because they have clients from Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and other neighboring countries. Vilnesh International works to offer their expert knowledge in products and reduction technology. But they have the most affordable rates given how huge their clientele is within and outside India.

How is the employee culture at Vilnesh International?

Vilnesh International is an excellent place to work. But under Krina Panchal’s say, the employees have an excellent workspace where they collectively work towards customer satisfaction, top product quality, and timely delivery of the orders. Ms. Krina Panchal maintains cordial relations with her staff, which has led to most of her employees become like family to her. She is a giving person in her personal life as well. And she started a charitable organization in Udaan Foundation’s name to help the needy when she was only four years of age.

Company Name Vilnesh International
Founded year 2015
Contact Info 982-534-4894 /
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