The Thrive Life of Mugdha Pradhan-A holistic approach towards good living

The founder of Thrive Life, is a beaming woman entrepreneur who swears by good health, not through needles, doctors and medicines but the simple fuel that drives us all- Food. Battling severe health issues herself, (obesity, diabetes, allergies, hormonal imbalances, depression, mood swings, suicidal tendencies to name a few) for a considerable slice of her youth, she became determined to take a road travelled by all but in her own unique way. With a natural ability for healing and a vision to cure millions like her, she steered her way towards inventing 

Armed with a Master’s in Nutrition early in life, she knew the basics of nutrition, but it’s only when she dove deep into the world of functional medicine she began to understand what is the real role of food in human health. She discovered Functional Medicine when her own health took a nosedive. Using modern principles of functional medicine along with ancient wisdom about food and basing it on a sound foundation of spirituality she recovered from a multitude of chronic illnesses- not only did she lose 37 kgs, but she also reversed an autoimmune thyroid dysfunction (Hashimotos), diabetes and depression. She founded Thrive in 2017 to help others heal from chronic illnesses with her simple systems and methods. She now has a vision of healing 1 Million people through Thrive.

The Thrive Method

Her unique healthcare venture called The Thrive Life, has brought in an innovative approach to reversing and curing chronic illnesses with a combination of proven scientific methods and ancient wisdom. In her words, “My work is to simply awaken the body’s innate intelligence in all my patients and The Thrive Method allows this to occur naturally and beautifully.” 

Not only is The Thrive Method based on a deep knowledge of human physiology along with an understanding of the root causes that trigger dysfunction/ disease within the body, but it also works because how their system can teach anyone how to apply this knowledge to heal themselves. Not only is it based on science and evidence- right from using blood tests to analysis of root causes, but also learning about the scientific and nutritional components of every food and herb that’s recommended, it also incorporates NLP practices and meditation techniques for sub consciousness reprogramming.

The Thrive Method is a fourfold model, starting with the functional blood analysis, which is the first step in understanding the root causes of anyone’s health problems. This is done by accurately interpreting basic lab tests.  In Mugdha’s words, “Attempting to treat anyone without this is like gambling with their health and that’s probably the worst thing to do to anyone who is suffering.”

Next, they customize healing solutions for the person. They work with the most powerful medicine on this planet- Food. However, since each body responds differently to food, they don’t have ‘a one-size-fits-all solution’. They ensure they find a solution that works best for each person.  What follows next- their third component, is the most important part of The Thrive Method. They genuinely care about humanity and they partner with each person with discipline, persistence and plain old sincerity until that person’s health problems are permanently resolved from the root- whether it’s excess weight or diabetes or PCOD or anything else.  And lastly they offer the support of a Tribe. The Thrive Tribe is collective of people from all walks of life driven by a common vision for healthy living. This is a collective that says while each person is in charge of their own wellness, they don’t have to walk the path alone.  It’s a collective built around learning and sharing, the tribe in itself is a great support for every person on their journey with Thrive. 


Mugdha jokingly says, “People often ask me, does the Thrive Method have any side effects and I tell yes, there’s one big side effect- extremely good health. Honestly though, a rejuvenated mind and a younger looking, glowing, slim body are just some of the side effects of the Thrive Method. See, food is the most powerful medicine on this planet. It is not just calories or a boredom killer, conversation starter, emotional backup or an entertainment system. It’s actually a drug with the power to optimize dozens of hormones, to improve expression of 10’s of 1000’s of your genes, to optimize 1000’s protein networks, to balance and reset your immune system and with the power to balance your gut flora. It works faster, better and cheaper than any other drug ever discovered. Has no side effects and is suitable for everyone on the planet. Besides which, if manufactured correctly, it helps the planet heal too. How can anyone go wrong harnessing the power of this delicious drug?”

She says, that’s what she’s here to help you experience, The Thrive Life as she calls it, is that skip in your step, a lightness in your being, a life so joyous that you erupt into smiles for no reason. This is the vision that I hold for you; a life brimming with health, with vitality, free of any disease so that each day becomes a celebration. 

Mugdha says, “My vision is to heal 1 million people using The Thrive Method in such a way that they do it with joy and ease and their healing inspires healing of the planet as a whole.”

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