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VyapaarJagat.com is one of the fastest growing online business media platforms that believes in honoring visionary entrepreneurs by showcasing their business success stories. Founded by Dr. Pravin Parmar, VyapaarJagat celebrates entrepreneurship and believes in empowering budding as well as established businesses by bringing their success stories in front of the world.

VyapaarJagat.com aims at creating a sustainable and holistic global entrepreneurial ecosystem by showcasing inspiring stories of businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. VyapaarJagat.com motivates businesses to document their success stories and share it with the world so that everyone can know about their hard work and accomplishments. If you have a story to share, VyapaarJagat.com is the platform you should choose.

VyapaarJagat.com understands the need of an online presence in a competitive digital age. Thus, we work towards helping businesses of all scales, irrespective of their industry segments in strengthening their digital footprint through their success stories. We believe in breaking stereotypes and are not limited to sharing startup success stories. Instead, we motivate entrepreneurs working in diverse industry domains such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education, fintech, F&B, etc.

Having an experienced and professional editorial team, VyapaarJagat.com focuses on sharing keen business insights, success stories and relevant news. Working as an online media partner for a business, we dedicate our resources to present every business story in a way that reinforces the business goodwill and instigate a sense of pride among an entrepreneur.

At the same time, we, as one of the fastest growing online business story platforms, ensure that every story is heard by a thriving community of fellow entrepreneurs, visionaries, investors and target audiences, giving every business a head start in the online world. So, when it comes to entrepreneurial success, VyapaarJagat.com is always there to honor the feat.

How VyapaarJagat.com Helps Entrepreneurs?

  • Massive digital outreach in a competitive digital environment
  • Lucrative media partnership opportunity with great benefits
  • Documented success story to share with investors, fellow entrepreneurs and customers
  • Opportunity to leverage content marketing benefits owing to unbiased storytelling at an independent platform
  • Development of Thought Leadership Status among fellow entrepreneurs and business community


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