Konect Health award
Konect Health award
Konect Health platform is envisioned and co-founded by a group of medical professionals and IT experts. Improvement in health and well-being of individuals and communities is the core objective of this innovative platform. To attain this objective, Konect Health gives access to health tracking tools and health & disease related information. Further, it enables members interaction using modern technology of the internet.

Success and business stories shared during the interview with Konect Health team:

Our journey of KonectHealth started in 2016 with Dr Jinesh Shah, Dr Hiren Kaswala, Shashank Patel and Smruti Shah. Our mission is to provide healthcare social networking, self-tracking of Health Parameters and building a platform for patient doctor interaction.
It gives us immense pleasure to share the selection of our startup – KonectHealth for the GUSEC Rise Award. Honourable Commerce and Industry minister Mr Suresh Prabhu conferred this award on 11th March, 2018.

Various  articles providing an insight to a better living are posted by our members in our What’s New section, for instance, healthy recipe, health tips and so on. While, our Forum Section provides an opportunity to seek advice related to any health issues which is reverted by our specialized doctors with their invaluable insights and accurate solutions. Not only are health seekers guided with respective queries by our registered doctors, but also, various articles are posted by our medical advisors on all social media platforms of KonectHealth to educate people. We are proud  to mention that  these articles in return have received immense response in the form of likes and comments.

When we discuss about network and users, Dr. Jinesh said:

Almost 1000 users and 60+ specialized doctors from Gujarat are members of KonectHealth at present.

We at KonectHealth value our members privacy, and provide a unique feature of secure portal, enabling them to hide the identity and participate in health forums for any medical problem. Apart from it, our secure portal also helps in saving the data of past and even recent lab reports in the form of a medical history and it can be shared with their respective doctors. This unique feature saves the  patients from the tedious task of maintaining files and also provides the information to the consulting doctor about the member’s medical history on a single platform of KonectHealth, anytime, anywhere.

Konect Health aims to serve following objectives:

  • Empower individual and / or caregiver for better health / disease management by tracking various health parameters like symptoms, vitals, laboratory investigations etc.
  • Enhance individual engagement for better disease outcomes.
  • Foster individual and community partnerships. Users can join various forums and they can also create groups with similarly interested individuals.
  • Improve health care delivery with use of technology.
  • Provide reliable information about health and various diseases via expert doctors and / or health care institute(s). Users can follow doctors and hospitals who can write blogs / articles for patients


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