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Anu Naveen Sharma is a communication consultant with 12 years of industry experience. She has worked in the fields of Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Journalism. She has managed award winning campaigns for organisations like Canon, Toyota, Twitter, Burger King, Star World, Thomson Reuters, among others. Her key strength is story telling narration and building powerful and unique brand messaging with human connect. In 2019, she was selected amongst the 30 top PR professionals in the country, in the reputed ‘PR Moments 30 under 30 awards’

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Entrepreneur Sumeet Jindal funded Postman News creating spur in the digital media industry

On today’s date, it look every update received out for authenticity. Digital media industry India might have provided many growth opportunities, but it has also made big names too vulnerable. In the line of such high sophistication, media houses like Postman News are giving their best to ensure that along with the news, people can get creativity over presentation. This venture has not just gained an interest but is becoming a growing ground for many looking out for opportunities.  Postman News today is known around; for the news, it provides varied...

Scaling the Heights in HR- Celebrating Success and Optimism for a Bright Future in Human Resources Consultancy Services

“Good ideas are common - what’s not common are people who will work hard enough to bring them about..” these are the words of...

22 YO Mr. Dhruv Garg – The Shining Star with the finesse for Steel

But for some young people making a foray into the family business is ‘then look no further’ milestone. They do not wish or find...

Virtual Exhibition of Handloom Weavers of Surendranagar District

1st & 2nd August 2020, (Saturday & Sunday). All Day About the genesis of this Virtual Exhibition: COVID-19 has halted the traditional markets and weavers across...

Highly praised book productivity promoter written by Dax Bamania

For the leaders of today and the sunshine of tomorrow.“Productivity Promoter” jotted down by Mr. Dax Bamania is one of the revolutionary book for...

Sangita Khalsa-the founder of Tulips who revolutionized the design industry

I am giving this narrative just because it gives me pleasure to write this story about Tulips and its founder Mrs. Sangita Khalsa. Sangita...

Following passion leads Vigneshwaran to his destiny from nowhere to the world of records

Mr. Vigneshwaran is Founder and CEO of Nandha Infotech and holds the record for Creating 153 Web Applications Developed in 10 hours by an...

Airmeet is India’s Answer to Zoom for Virtual Events & Meetups

Airmeet-From attending in-person meetings and hosting offline events to attending online meetings and hosting virtual events, we have witnessed massive evolution in the technology...

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