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Determination is a Journey to the Destination

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A journey to the destination depends on your determination. To be more defined, we would like to share the experience and about the career journey of Mr. Dhavan Bhow. During his early stage of life when he started his studies. He is a commerce graduate. Though being a commerce graduate, he is very passionate about the IT Industry.

He started learning IT Courses & took certification for the same. He has developed skills in IT Software, Hardware & Networking. While continuing with his passion, he started his career with the HR Industry.

Career Start & Entrepreneurship Launch

Mr. Dhavan Bhow started his career as an HR Associate & Business Development. He has worked with various Corporates & Placement Organizations. He is passionate about communicating with new individuals as it allows him an opportunity to know them well.

Being his passion for communicating with the people, Mr. Dhavan Bhow started his journey as a Professional Speaker in June 2018. He is the one whose interest is in communicating with those who are into their start-ups, who would like to start their venture & those who have already established their business but would like to increase their existing business.


He truly believes in implementing the ideas into actual reality rather than just jotting it on the paper. He has a strong belief that just thinking of new ideas/ concepts can’t help you in creating your identity. Implementing your ideas into reality will boost you in creating your presence.

Founder – Mr. Dhavan Bhow

Mr. Dhavan Bhow is the founder of his professional speaking organization renowned as DB Speaks & apart from communicating with an individual, he also makes & posts videos on YouTube under the channel name DB Speaks.

Overall he carries an experience of over 19 Years in the industry. In this tenure of 19 years, he has always made sure to give quality work. He believes that quality work is a strong base for any organization to reach new heights in their profession. 

Vision & competition

Early days of my entrepreneurship start many things that have to set up that each business requires. Dhavan visualizes himself to be one of the most successful Professional Speaker, where his primary vision is to get connected with each & every entrepreneur. He wants to communicate with them in such a way where he can support them in growing their business & implementing new business ideas. 


Mr. Dhavan Bhow believes that there is nothing like competition. He has a strong belief that each & every individual is an expert in their work. Rather than considering them as competitors, we should learn new things that they implement. He believes that every individual has different skills & techniques. The only thing that matters is that the message that we want to spread must reach to mass rather than to an individual.

Creative Culture with Business Market

Creative business culture is something that will be the most admirable working culture that each & every individual would like to work. If the culture of the company is such where you only need to work the way your job profile/ job description then, there is nothing creative your associates can do for the company, says Mr. Dhavan Bhow.


Every business has its way of working & implementing the strategies. Staying updated about the business market & trends is an accurate way to keep ourselves motivated.

Balanced work life

Mr. Dhavan Bhow believes that be a workaholic but not at the cost of your family. Monetary satisfaction is a must for everyone with emotional happiness. Dhavan thinks that the more we are happy more we can grow our work. Hardworking can give justification whereas smart working shows results. In today’s period for everyone, only the results matter nothing else.


He always believes & thinks that it’s better to move ahead & start with something that is unusual & innovative. That innovation will surely drive you to the path of success.

Key to success for new entrepreneurs

One of the keys to success is to believe in yourself & focus on your goal. Many individuals who have thoughts in their mind but haven’t executed to them. He says that execute your plans before others start taking action & start gaining the footfall in the industry. Last thing that he wants to add that just sitting & thinking that luck/stars are not supporting but be smart & courageous to make your empire.

Contact with Dhavan Bhow

Business NameDB Speaks
HeadquarterAhmedabad, India
FounderMr. Dhavan Bhow

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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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