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Successful Entrepreneur Mr. Kishor Dhaduk was Diamond Artisan

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Struggle, struggle, struggle and finally success, success, success! You must have heard several such stories – in movies, in books or even about real life from people in your circle. We are just rephrasing it – hard work, hard work, hard work and finally success, success, success! Everyone goes through a struggle at least once in a lifetime and some of us face struggle every day. But how we perceive this phase and how we utilize the limited resources with us, is what matters. Those resources can be used to improve our knowledge, learn and sharpen skills, make ourselves productive and efficient and so on. We are not in a race with the world. We are in fact in a race with ourselves and to be better than yesterday must be our sole goal.

It feels great pleasure to share with you the story of Mr. Kishor Dhaduk. He focused on observing, learning and improving from childhood itself. He learned diverse things, devoted time, never thought about being paid, underpaid or unpaid. He just wanted to learn and improve. This makes his story so special. Without wasting any time, let’s unleash the story of Mr. Kishor Dhaduk and his Ascott Enterprise.


Mr. Kishor Dhaduk was brought up in Krankach, Liliya of Amreli district. His father shifted to Ahmedabad when Mr. Kishor was just 4 years old. When he was in standard 4th, he was spending his extra time at a “Kirana Store” which was owned by his father’s friend. While other friends were busy playing games, he used to work at the kirana store.

He observed the customers and started understanding their behavior patterns. He developed a habit of learning positive things from others. He used to spend 5 hours daily i.e., from 3 pm to 8 pm at the Kirana store.

Mr. Kishor, right from childhood, had a friends circle that had a positive thought process. These minuscule lessons learned in life shapes the personality and the next stages of life greatly!


Mr. Kishor learned diamond polishing during the vacation of SSC i.e., 10th standard and became “Diamond Cutting and Polishing” Artisan at the age of 15 years! He started earning 5000/- Rs. every month. His dream was to buy a computer, learn to type fast and become a stenographer. While other friends were busy playing games on the computer, he was learning different software programs. He wanted to do all this with his own earning and a bit of support from his grandfather.

Mr. Kishor’s father said to him that he can spend full time in diamond polishing work but Mr. Kishor said that he wanted to study further. He further decided that he will go to school and in extra time, he will learn and take work of diamond cutting and polishing.

In the last month of the Gujarati calendar i.e., before Diwali, all diamond artisans devote their maximum time towards work and put tremendous efforts. Even Mr. Kishor started going early to work and for a few days used to miss the school. Learning that Kishor is absent at school, his teacher called his parents and asked the reason. At that time Mr. Kishor’s father decided that from now onwards, Kishor will focus on schooling and stop working as a diamond artisan.


After completing HSC i.e., 12th standard, Kishor decided to join junior college. When everyone was finding a good college, which will focus on students and give them greater opportunity in the future, Mr. Kishor was looking for a college which had the least no. of students; there is the least focus on students. The reason was that he wanted to spend more time doing extra-curricular activities during college days. His focus was to get a degree from college because it is the need of the society and a basic demand for marriage.

Mr. Kishor used to spend maximum time in the college library. He used to look for part-time job opportunities. He used to travel in Ahmedabad city by AMTS bus i.e., city bus. During college days, he faced several interviews in call-centers and for administration vacancies. He had worked in call-center as well as in the share marketing office for some time.

He started working in a security agency that used to supply security guards in commercial as well as residential areas. He worked as an accountant and was paid a salary of 3000/- Rs. After working for a few days, he realized that the owner was not ethical and Kishor decided to leave the job. He got his next job with a salary of 15,000/- Rs. in Gandhinagar.


Kishor had decided to start his own Security Agency along with Computer Repairing & Computer Classes business. He found the name from Google, and he started ‘ASCOTT SECURITY SOLUTION’ with a capital of Rs. 30,000/- along with a partner. After a few days, he realized that they cannot use the word ‘security’ and to avoid legal complexities they, renamed it to ‘ASCOTT ENTERPRISE’. During day time, they were conducting computer coaching classes and during nighttime, they ran it as a security service agency. He used to work for more than 14 hours a day!

They took printing job works and started taking projects from schools, classes, and other service providers. Mr. Kishor used to print flex, visiting cards, diaries, banners, posters etc.

Even after putting a lot of effort and operating multiple services like classes, security agency and printing services, Mr. Kishor and his partner were not making enough money. As a result, Mr. Kishor’s partner put resignation and left Ascott Enterprise after working for 2 years together.

After some time, Mr. Kishor’s wife joined him. They both started working together at Ascott and stopped graphics and printing services, and now focused only on computer sales and services.

Mr. Kishor started exploring other opportunities and started security surveillance sales and services. Due to a lack of liquid capital, Mr. Kishor used to spend a lot of time in settlement or arrangement of finance to execute projects. They now charge their customers a consultation fee. They have started investing in some proportion for future planning and expansion.

Slowly and gradually, they have got an excellent name in the market. They are renowned service providers in the city.

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NameAscott Infotech & Security Systems
HeadquarterAhmedabad, India
Sector/IndustryIT & Security
FoundersMr Kishor Dhadhuk
Contact Detail Phone+91 97259 38017
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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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