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Strong Empire requires Strong Soldiers : Shivalic HR – Your Hiring Partner

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SHIVALIC HR SOLUTION is a boutique recruitment company serving bay area since 2016. SHIVALIC HR Solution has been immensely successful in creating a global network of highly adept intelligent workforce that can help a company achieve their mission-critical projects and goals. Keeping pace with projects and being on the lookout for the extremely talented individuals has become ever more challenging

Here is where Shivalic HR Solution comes into play to bring the best suited talent for your company.

Journey of Shivalic HR Solution:

The journey of Shivalic HR Solution was started with a sole mission to provide maximum professionals and maximum entrepreneurs globally.  The company was officially founded on 12th Nov. 2016.

Shivalic HR Solution is known for providing the talents by deeply understanding the clients’ requirements by co-ordinate with technical team and as well as HR team across every possible function area.  Shivalic HR Solution tries to complete every possible action by their end to save the time of hiring process. They had expertise in providing suitable talents in many and varied industries domain across the India including IT, FMCG, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Automobile, Oil & Gas, Sales & Marketing, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, BFSI, and BPO/KPO. Shivalic HR Solution always believes that, Time is precious and by considering and walking on that statement, they complete their clients’ hiring process on time with best talents resources.

Best part of Shivalic HR Solution which makes them differ from other recruitment consultants is that, Shivalic HR Solution assists their clients’ queries Quickly &  24*7. 

Shivalic HR believes that, dedicative team is must require to build strong empire. By following this statement, they always looking for someone who is eager to learn and eager to develop their skills. Top management also doesn’t feel shy to sit beside to their employees and they teach their employees everything about how to handle the business. Company is known for its flexibility and team of expert recruiters and minimum turnaround time.

About the founder – Mayank Chauhan

Mr. Mayank is an alumnus of the Parul Institute of Engineering and Technologies – Vadodara.

In his school days he was dreaming to be a Computer Engineer in future.  But after completing SSC he started studying Diploma in Mechanical Engineering but still in inner soul interested and curious about Computer Engineering. He was balancing his education career as well as his interest during collage days. After completing his B.E in Mechanical Engineering, and learning mechanical designing, he wished to grab his expected job but was not able to gather related links and therefore ended up being unemployed for nearly eight months.  

That is where the idea of the Shivalic HR solution came into existence; to provide an edge of extensive and exclusive recruitment services. If looking at the other side, corporates too are facing an immense struggle in finding the right skill set in a candidate. Therefore, he thought to give a bridge to all these problems which could land a better job, a better employee, as a perfect solution.

With zero knowledge of the recruitment process, but a keen push to serve better, the ideal time of launching the business from the stage of conceptualization took mere 15 days. Of course, he saw this proverb take an implementing curve “Where there is a will, there is away.” He knew where to find sources from and how to convert them into actual leads and that is where the business took its working turn. Even though being a Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Mayank has gathered core expertise in the field of IT Recruitment and related recruitment services and start building his team of experts.

Shivalic HR

Work Culture

 “Strong Empire requires Strong Soldiers” – Mayank Chauhan

Shivalic HR has always believed, to create a strong empire, every king requires strong soldiers. It is because of the army the king is known superior in his kingdom. Every business has one such weapon which it can use wisely during every dark time of the business existence. Employees, yeah right. Since, grade 6 we have heard enough of this sentence, employees are the asset of the organization. At Shivalic HR Solution, every employee pertains to one single and superior habit of learning new concepts every Saturday. Understanding the knowledge of the peer and working with the same helps the company to maintain harmony and mental peace in the work environment followed by each individual. Using various software to analyze the performance of the employees is secondary; efforts are what make the primary element. Yet, the company uses different software such as RMS, ATS, CRM, and HRM to manage the employees and their performance.

“Knowledge never goes in vain…!”

To add more about the team, most of the recruiters at Shivalic HR Solutions are from Engineering and management stream which makes them all well familiar with the management process and with every other domain. Many efforts are made to train skilled employees to help them reach the grounds of edge expertise. This, on the other hand helps the client companies to communicate with peace to every single recruiter here.

At Shivalic HR Solutions, efforts made by employees are discussed much with pride even if they are facing any issues with the work. During the time of difficulties, employees consider their logical part to find the solution or discuss with other team members, to reach to a simple ground. It is referred as the AUTOPILOT working mode. No matter management team is present or absent, work goes as routine as every member of Shivalic HR is well trained and expert to handle every situation and work. This, thus makes this company a worth place to work with and work for.

Business Challenges and Success

Not every happening place has the easy and understanding points of juncture. It was not so easy for the founder to source the resources and go as per the normal procedure. As referred earlier, he did not have any recruitment knowledge. This made him fall often into a dilemma to ask himself the questions such as where to start from, how to seek clients, how to target the right audience, and related question set.

“Success is never owned,

It is rented and the rent is due every day”

– Mayank chauhan

He went through this cycle often, Cold calling- the failure- cold calling- lead- the failure-cold calling-client-happy client. But a search never ends; it gives an additional touch of exploration. Similarly, with one target achieved, the vision of Shivalic HR Solution began broadening up. Now Shivalic HR Solution has been associated with many clients in the past years. Some of the clients are Whitehat Jr. (of Byjus), Inexture Solution, Concept Infoway, Design.Codes, Keva Industries, Zindex Solutions, Sterling Pumps, Riyon Pipes, Bhoomi Agro Industries and more.

Shivalic HR Solution has been recognized as TOP BUSINESS SERVICES PROVIDER by

Also, it has been recognized as the TOP RECRUITING FIRM – 2020 by


Competitors and Competitive advantage:

The team of Shivalic HR Solution aims to become a healthy competitor of own self. Competitors are going to come and go, but what stays is the growth you achieve by learning and realizing different aspects of competitive edge, its strengths, and upcoming opportunities. A healthy competitor always pushes hard towards your growth. The founder explains the theory of his own to become self-competitive. It would help an organization to fear less against that of any other organization and work with more efforts to give a high pitch growth to one’s own organization.

Services offered by the SHIVALIC HR SOLUTION

Shivalic HR Solution offers a varied range of services and it depends upon the clients, which all of those services they would like to attain. Here are a few enlisted and detailed services offered by the firm. The firm offers these services in every domain of the available market.

  • Executive Search

A large company would better expect employees with a seniority level; here comes the service of providing an Executive Search to the client company.

  • Permanent Hiring

Finding the right candidate for a permanent position, from reviewing resumes to identifying quality candidates, is time-consuming and potentially costly.

  • Temporary Hiring

Temporary hiring states the hiring of an employee for a contracted period. These contract or temp workers fulfill all the functions of regular employees and can help during increases in demands, or when your full-timers take vacations or go on maternity leave.

  • Bulk Hiring

Bulk Hiring is one of the most profitable services for clients. Recruitment experts at Shivalic HR Solutions ensure that the bulk requirements are taken care of most transparently and cost-effectively.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is when a company transfers all or part of its permanent recruitment to an external provider.

  • Head Hunting

To help the client company get the asked skillset of the potential employee or the said positioned candidate, Shivalic HR Solutions offers this service of headhunting, along with providing a keen research base to the required client.


Every company undergoes an end number of management tactics to grow and develop a fit sort of balance in the global market. Be it a wide range of adaptive models or self-curated business theory. Shivalic HR Solution also has a hold of a few of these models which makes it outstanding in delivering its end services. 

Commission based revenue model wherein the company charges a decided amount of services from their clients. Charges are variable according to the client’s requirements and urgency. With the favorability of future events, services that satisfy the client automatically stand out as the word of mouth.

Working Hand in hand. 

Shivalic HR Solution extensively aims to build in a collaborative model, which suffices the strengths of competitors and helps to come out of their own weaknesses. The founder says, 

“We are on the global peaks, and just being competitors of each other won’t help anyway. Companies should start working hand in hand.” 

Collaborations on the unique ground would push the limits and broaden the horizon. 

Message to New Entrepreneurs:

First, visualize where you want to reach and who you want to be, and then work for it. It is said Mistakes are proof that you are trying; therefore, keep trying until you feel there is no tomorrow.

Don’t worry about how many times you may get failure in your start-ups, the other phrase for the startup is GIVE IT ONE MORE TRY says Mr. Mayank Chauhan.


To handover maximum professionals to the corporates has been an end vision of Shivalic HR Solution. The company strives hard to meet the end needs of both, clients as well as candidates.

From this business, they want to be in India’s top recruitment companies list and want to represent our India in worldwide and want to make an image in corporate and students like if anyone looking for job or hiring for any position, Shivalic HR Solution shell be their first priority. 

Other Details:

SectorService Industry
FounderMr. Mayank Chauhan
Email[email protected]
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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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