Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits! – Hemal Shah


A brave leader is not someone who dictates but is the one who guides. A great leader is not someone who blatantly speaks but is someone who shows how things are done. A skilled leader is not the one who believes in centralization of power but infact who decentralizes power and creates different orders of leaders. Leaders don’t have one single quality but have diverse set of qualities and one can witness it time and again. Leaders love challenges because it brings out something new in them every time. Setting an example for the society and next generation may not be in their list but improving themselves every single day than the previous day is what they persist!

Team – HR Re Engineers

We are continuously searching new dynamic leaders of the contemporary times for you to motivate you, guide you, to fuel the entrepreneur in you; to share the stories of a common human being within us who did something extraordinary or something noteworthy. That’s what we do here at Vyapaarjagat. Presenting you all with one more dynamic personality this time – Mr. Hemal Shah.

Mr. Hemal Shah is a visionary, founder and promoter of “HR Re Engineers”. He has been passionate about his education right from childhood till his post graduation. He earned a gold medal during his PG. He specializes in HR, Marketing and IT. He completed his MBA from Indian Institute of Planning and Management.

Mr. Shah has vast experience of 12 years in areas of HR and Entrepreneurship. He has worked as a HR strategist for legendary brands such as Audi – London, Shoppers Stop (Raheja Group) and Lalbhai Group. His core competency is in designing practical and customized HR solutions which when implemented reflect great results.

Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits!

– Hemal Shah

He is associated with and is prominent face of business networking forums like BNI. With his pre-eminent understanding of challenges of SMEs, Mr. Shah has developed a unique business model with practical logic and rationale. This model serves complex issues of HR & Production for SME sectors. He aims to change the way SMEs function by implementing professional and ethical HR practices and processes.

Mr. Hemal Shah’s Message for Entrepreneurs

“Our Education System, especially management education produces slaves. They teach us how to be at office on time, how to say ‘yes sir’ and how to wear a formal suit. No system teaches how to be Entrepreneurs. I want to bring a change where from childhood entrepreneurship skills in terms of decision making, risk taking, leadership though and how to handle failures are a part of education – This will help our country to have more Entrepreneurs”.

You don’t build a business – YOU BUILD PEOPLE and then people build the business.

– Hemal Shah

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