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How Bangalore based NOOS Technologies helps prevent revenue leakage and brand protection

NOOS Technologies helps prevent revenue leakage while ensuring consumer satisfaction for brand owners using SCoT. SCoT provides brand protection and tracking using patent pending RUDS technology to address challenges in Counterfeiting, Tampering among others.

Vatsal Maniar & Kruti Panchasara made India’s first IoT development board with computing power

Open source hardware startup Odinub is India's first IoT development board with computing power. Odinub is an IoT device which has on-chip WiFi, BLE and storage. Odinub has a community that encourage developers to tinker and build some innovative projects.

An Ocean Operating System: C-CAMP startup Sea6Energy’s modus operandi to bring ocean-based sustainable solutions to you

Sea6Energy, one of C-CAMP’s most versatile startups is redefining sustainability by utilizing a commonly available seaweed to produce the world’s first ocean-based solutions for boosting agricultural output. Oceans are not our typical idea of a farm.

Vishal Mehta’s first-ever 365 days live exhibition platform INDIA DOING BUSINESS

VirtualX is a new concept for the Indian Market with an idea to digitize the way people display their product or their services.

ICanCaRe to conduct Course on Tobacco Cessation Specialist Certification

A comprehensive 2-day course designed to impart latest techniques on cessation like MI, CBT, Group Counselling, Pharmacotherapy, Treatment Planning, Relapse Prevention and more.

Something really fascinating “STEM Club” – Curio O Box

Curio O Box is a company founded to transform Science learning from Rote to Real. They have designed, developed & assembled Innovative Kits based on ‘Hands-on-Learning’ methodology which is most suited to the Indian schools.

Auto-rickshaw driver’s daughter Rehnuma Sodawala helping disabled people through technology and innovation

A 21-year-old engineering student and the daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver Rehnuma Sodawala creates system that enables control of devices with movement of eyes.

ICanCaRe – A Social Enterprise for Cancer prevention, early detection, rehabilitation and Wellness from Tobacco and its related diseases

Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation Pvt. Ltd which is known as ICanCaRe is a social enterprise established with a vision to eradicate tobacco use from the Nation and make a clean, green, healthy and lively place to live on.

Low-cost vending machine acting as a point of sale (POS) aiming to help students and corporate personnel

Ahmedabad, Gujarat based startup Rapidcode, founded by Mr. Ishan Lakhwani to provide hot meal boxes through vending machines. Ishan Lakhwani aim to make the customer shopping experience better and automate the retail industry. Currently vending FMCG (fast moving consumer goods).

Mr Dipen Mehta of Universal Products changing Ecosystem of Print Media

Mr Dipen Mehta of Universal Products has been a total believer of the same. Since its inception, the company has always been into introducing products that have created a CHANGE in the offset non - paper printing industry then and now in the digital printing industry.

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