The industry-leading solution has been specifically tailored for enterprises leveraging ERP platforms, offering significant business value with end to end TDS and Payroll compliances over their existing ERP framework~

New Delhi, December 23, 2019: Living up to its legacy of furnishing trend-setting global payroll processing solutions and services, Paysquare has unveiled industry’s first payroll outsourcing solution which seamlessly operates along with the existing ERP framework of an enterprise.

In a bid to stay competitive in the transforming market landscape, many enterprises deploy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms from a host of different vendors to streamline their business processes including HR operations like recruitment, attendance and leave management.

Managing payroll on an ERP platform however is a complex exercise while outsourcing the process outside of the ERP landscape comes with a significant risk of data vulnerabilities for an enterprise.

Also, concurrent maintenance of both the ERP platform as well as a dedicated employee payroll mechanism considerably escalates the operational expenditures of an organisation.

Furthermore year-end activities towards investment proof verification, CTC reimbursements have to be performed manually by client HR/Finance teams, consuming significant productive hours of a competitive enterprise.

The payroll outsourcing support over ERP by one of the leading outsourcing partner, Paysquare, is enabling its clients to continue reaping the strategic benefits of ERP while outsourcing its payroll operations. This empowers an enterprise to accomplish its outsourcing objectives without moving out of an ERP platform.

‘’Our industry-leading ERP centric payroll solution accesses client ERP instances  to offer end to end employee payroll services including TDS and payroll compliances. Business heads can avail the benefits of Management Information System(MIS) and Journal Voucher(JV) reports generated by their ERP which is further complemented by other performance metric reports which we develop on client request,’’ said Rakesh Jain, CEO and founder, Paysquare.

The specific outsourcing of payroll operations enables a business to streamline its payroll ecosystem utilizing its existing IT infrastructure, eliminating any requirement of data transfer, migration, or data backup.

‘’We offer businesses with an end to end deployment and service support to ensure they get the best out of their payroll outsourcing investment,’’ added Jain.

Paysquare also leverages stringent data security and recovery measures including cutting-edge security tools to ensure that sensitive data is secured but yet readily accessible anywhere and on any device.

About Paysquare

From consolidating HR/Finance & employee inputs to the processing of payroll, providing the respective outputs and managing statutory filing, Paysquare helps you manage it all. We offer Resource Management services, where we help our clients place their staff on our payroll and completely manage employee benefits for such staff. As of today, we process more than 3,00,000 payroll records every month.

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