4 Entrepreneurial Qualities that Pack a Punch
4 Entrepreneurial Qualities that Pack a Punch

Not every successful person is an entrepreneur and not every entrepreneur is successful. Life comes with no guarantees but, that does not mean we fear the unknown and never try new things. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or already are one, the following are some key factors that go a long way.


Fear is a debilitating feeling and can be a figment of our imagination in most cases. Being fearful or anxious about something is a very human quality and although we may think there’s no escaping from it, actually there is.

Let’s think of it this way. You need water and you go to a well but, are too afraid you’ll drown. Why do you think like that? That’s because the well looks deep and all you want to do is ensure you don’t drown. So do you simply remain thirsty? Look for another well? What if you don’t find one? In that case, it is advisable to “test” the water (pun intended) instead of giving up and then take a call. So you drop a bucket in the well and find that the well is actually not that deep! So you take a sip from the cool water and quench your thirst. Moral of the story? Sometimes things are not as bad as they seem. All it takes is some courage and practical thinking to get fear out of your way.
So next time when you are gripped with fear, simply ask yourself this question: How will you know unless you try?

Thick Skin

Yes, we get it. Those phone calls not being returned, and simply running out of visiting cards which get you conversations but no conversions are frustrating and that’s where thick skin becomes your best friend. A successful entrepreneur will put herself out there and keep approaching investors, customers, potential collaborators, vendors etc. until she gets what she wants.
So you approached ten people and nothing worked out? Well, try harder and approach ten more. Also, think about why people are turning you down, what are certain commonalities or feedback that you are getting from them. What is not working for you? Then march forward with confidence and, thick skin.

See Failures as Learnings

So you spent all that money for a brand activation exercise like an exhibition or event and didn’t even break even? No problem. Take the lesson and move onwards and upwards. Perhaps, doing brand activation on a smaller platform like a networking event may get you leads and business or tying up with the local supermarket and setting up a product kiosk (if you are a food product) for example, can help you market your product better. Smaller and more intimate experiences can be great teachers.

Leave the Comfort Zone

We all have been pampered from time to time. Our parents and loved ones try their best to not let us exert ourselves too much in school for example or at play. “You’ll get tired! Stop!” or “What if you hurt yourself? Better not go!” are common phrases from our childhood that are actually said with the intention of protecting us.
However, in the long run, these are reinforced into our psyche and knowingly or unknowingly we create a comfort zone around ourselves which is hard to get out of.

So when we begin our professional lives as employees or entrepreneurs, the comfort zone gets the better of us and limits us. To be successful, entrepreneurs MUST get out of their several comfort zones that stop us from becoming the full version of ourselves.

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