LinkedIn local meet by Entrepreneur Excel
LinkedIn local meet by Entrepreneur Excel

The successful series of LinkedIn Local is yet another feather in cap of the Facebook community of entrepreneurs called as ‘Entrepreneur Excel’. A super powerful, enthusiastic LinkedIn Local event was hosted at Banana Leaf, Borivali with lot of fizzle.

Each speaker shared valuable learning and immaculately shrewd as to what ‘Leadership in Times of Radical Change’ is like. Panel discussion started with the introduction of our speakers followed by deep conversation on the theme topic. Our audience had a remarkable take away with the advice to a company head pertaining to recession, kind of profound emotions should a leader express during this time and thoughts about the pressure a leader faces during recession followed by audience questions.

“As there is lot of buzz about recession, what is the advice you would give to a company head?” and he responded “Recession?? It’s all in your mind, have the cars reduced on road, aren’t the trains packed all the time, the public in malls….” What an observation!! Our speakers also shared stories which were relative and more cogent.

We are Thankful to our: Speakers: Ajit Nair, Yash Kaul, Smita Bangera & Nikhil Naik, Moderator: Ganesh Dalvi – Borivali Heads: Ganesh Dalvi, Jyoti Agarawal & Kalpesh Trivedi – Team: Bina Shah, Devisha Jatakia, Saana Siddiqui, Tejal Barot – Gifting Partner: Sunil Gupta (GGI – Gupta Glass Ideas), Kalpesh Trivedi Photographer: Shashank Jani –Venue Partner: Aziz Pirani (Banana Leaf – authentic South Indian restaurant) – Special Gratitude to Namrata Thakker, Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal & Durgaprasad Agrawal and also Gratitude to all the attendees who made this event huge success.

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