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Home Startup PRANAYAJIT SODANI Atpata Funky - Rang Rangilo Market

PRANAYAJIT SODANI Atpata Funky – Rang Rangilo Market

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PRANAYAJIT SODANI’s Atpata Funky – Rang Rangilo Market

PRANAYAJIT SODANI Shares a story of the school, “when some of my friends have dreams of becoming a successful Charted Accountants, Engineers, Doctors, at that time I have dreams of becoming wealthy, filthy one. I initially could not figure out the way to be one. I got too tried in professional courses but then, soon I realized, it was not my cup of tea.  Reading stories of successful entrepreneurs have always been my passing time. The stories never fail to fascinate and inspire me”.

One fine winter morning, I finally made up my mind to become a successful entrepreneur myself. I began to live my dreams every passing day.

I remember even today when my dim bulb got ignited. Yes, I had an idea in my mind. Roaming with my friends at a random place in Mumbai, I found an outlet, selling all sorts of quirky and funky party goggles. I stood there, awestruck. I’ve this habit of adding rare stuff now and then to my ‘exclusive’ collection. So, I brought home, three funky goggles to add a few more stuff to my collection. The funky goggles could not get of my head that easily for a few days.

Soon, one of my friends told me about an exhibition in my locality. I grabbed the opportunity before it vanished. It was my first step towards my dreams. I had my own set-up there. My stall was one of the most liked ones. By the end of the day, my nervous heart was replaced by a content one. I had no stock left. What an amazing feeling it was! I had my first earning in my pocket. Though it was nominal, but I could not stop smiling that day. And it was the same at a subsequent exhibition. These events provided me the much-needed assurance to move further. I absolutely loved the idea of selling, influencing buyers’ decisions, and interacting with new people.

Being at the most important standard of my life, my father insisted me to focus more on studies. And my mind took over my heart. I could not step further.

When I finished up with my final examinations, my restless mind discovered about E-commerce. I could sense it as the stepping stone towards the journey that lied ahead of me. After a lot of effort, I managed to set up an online business via online marketplaces. It was not that easy for me, being new to this whole concept. But as they say ‘ it is all worth if it ends well.’  With my Mom and Dad’s support, I began as a proprietorship business of party supplies with the Brand Name: Atpata Funky. The products were only a click away from the buyers, being listed on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm, etc. This was how “Atpata Funky” was born in the year 2014.

Rang Rangilo
Atpata Funky – Rang Rangilo Market

I’ve pursued eCommerce Masters from the Indian School of eBusiness (ISEB), Mumbai, and Digital Marketing from EduPristine, Mumbai.

It enabled me to make a further move and make my own website with proper planning and effectiveness.

The website is

Selling 500+ products with a variety of Party Supplies Verticals comprising of Party Goggles, Sashes, Funky Candles, Personalised Medals and Certificates, Jumbo Mat Games, etc., we ship all over India and have also fetched a couple of international orders. The business has maintained growth and profitability, without needing outside capital.

PRANAYAJIT SODANI also said that  She got feedback from family, customers, and friends which keeps motivated.

At the age of 19, when all my friends were in a phase of figuring out their careers or pursuing professional courses,

I bought my first bike, Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350, all on my own.

The people, including a few of my friends, who made a laugh at the very beginning, as the product was unusual, ask me how I started. I love this entrepreneurial life and cherish that no day is a dull day.

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Make MSME contribute to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

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